Why Technology Can Never Replace Books?

No matter how much technological advancement we have made so far still you cannot deny the importance of books in the development of one’s character. These TV shows or the seasons of GOT can never replace any good book. There are some solid reasons which can be given in favor of this argument and you are going to read them shortly. Good thing about books is that it shows not only your personal interest but they also possess memories of you and become part of your personality. Let’s see the reasons why books are still significant even in this era of miniaturization and technological advancement.

Smell, touch and everything

Book lovers do not only love what is written inside the book but there are some other things like its appearance or how it smells are also equally important. That is the reason why hard copy of the book is still sold out all over the world and book lovers prefer to read it in a hard form rather than on kindle or any other e-reader. There is some magical feeling when you touch the book as if it fills you with some sort of new energy.

Also, nothing is more comforting than reading in bed. Curled up with a comfortable pillow, reading a book, is one of the best feelings in the world.

Keeping it like a treasure

There got to be some part of your home dedicated to reading so that you could develop the reading environment. That is really important but this trend is fading out in this 21st century but you cannot deny the importance of small library in your home as it not only gives you perfect place to read but you can also encourage other people without even uttering a single word. Good thing about this home library is that it is almost like treasures for you as years pass on and when you look back it you have a lot of memories in the shape of books.

Visiting any library

If you really know the significance of books in your life you must visit any public library in your home’s vicinity. If you are thrilled being there in the library and you do not want to come back for hour or so then there is temptation of books in you. That is the reason why books cannot be replaced by technology because you cannot get access to all those things recorded in the form of books through technology.

Company of great minds

Without any doubt if you want to spend some quality time with some of the great personalities ever existed on the face of the earth then you just have to read what they have left in the shape of books. It will fill your heart with joy how these people thought about the world and how they actually dealt with the problems in their life. It is exactly like inviting your home some of the greats and listening to them without any interruption. This is the joy of reading book.

Connection to past

Things have changed over the last century and change is always there and it is not a bad thing. Problem arises when good things about past fade away or neglected. Keeping books and library sections is one of the old practices as well and if you do the same you will actually feel connected to the past. It is like living out the dream of your descendents.

Best friend indeed

A good friend is one who guides you and be with you in any situation. That exactly what book does and that is the reason why it is regarded one of the best friends. Good thing about books is that it will always be available for you whenever you call it. Friendship is also about sharing experiences and developing each other and that is also what book makes sure that you develop and groom into a better person.

Personality mirror

Everyone has their own interest and that also goes for the reading. Some people might like fiction only while others will be addicted to autobiographies. Good thing about keeping books is that you can know about your own personality. Not only this but people around you can also have a great look that what you are reading and what interests you the most. So this is the best way to know someone’s personality by simply asking them what they read.


Technology is all about bombardment of information and you will be spending much of your time just seeing what others are doing and sharing what you are doing. After some years you will not be able to recall anything you did all those years but when you read a book you can recall every minute detail about it, not only this but you will also see that you have learnt something out of it. It’s like association with your past and having some good memories just by looking at the book.

Making a book circle

If you want to meet people like you who love reading and keeping books then you can start some activity in your hometown. Where everyone can gather and talk about books. Sharing books with each other will also enhance one’s reading and you will surely see some of the great benefits of this activity rather than spending hours on social media doing nothing.

Groom yourself

Formal education is not enough and you need to read some good books to develop and groom yourself. A person who reads can easily handle the situation well than the person who does not read at all. That is the reason why it is said “Readers are leaders”.

Books let us tap into different parts of our psyches. Sometimes it is wish fulfillment, other times we realize parts of our self that we didn’t even know was there.

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