10 Tips to Improve Your Home’s Security

Tips to Improve Your Home’s Security

Tips to Improve Your Home’s SecuritySecurity is a thing we all need all the time. If you are having a bad system or no system of security at all and then after some tragedy you are cursing, it would be so bad. It is better to be preparing for emergency situation at your home. There are many companies out there providing security services. But there are some common ways of securing your home. Certain places like, doors, main rooms come first in the house, some kind of alarm etc. must be fixed there to get alerted. This article covers various ways by which you can protect all parts of your house. There from wherever the invader tries to come, you will catch him up and will be saved from a bad situation. Your security system should be advance and high alert because nowadays the criminals also have been advanced. Here are some very useful tips:

1. Change the Locks

Whenever you move into a new house, don’t forget to change all the locks, because anyone could have the copy keys of the older ones. Not only when you move in, but also if in case you forgot your keys somewhere, because the invaders are all the time looking for such chances to get the keys. This lock changing thing will give you the maximum security.

2. Install an Alarm System

Besides this you better install a good working alarm system. There are two benefits of alarm system, one is you will be alert and the second is the invader will be horrified. These are one of the best types of protection systems. Hearing the alarm ring makes the intruder run away from the place. It’s the best system which alerts you on the spot of the event of burglary. So, this is must use system for protection.

3. Conceal All Wiring

One can install the alarm system but now a day, intruders are so clever. They can cut down the wires and you will never know. It is a very common way of looters for getting in the house. For the protection from this thing you must keep your wires hidden and never let anyone know where you have placed them. Better to keep them hidden or either conceal the wires.

4. Give the Appearance That Your House is Occupied

The looters and invaders come to your house for burglary when no one is at home. Because when nobody is there, alarm system also wouldn’t work, because nobody is there to notice it. So, it is better to give an impression that there is someone at home all the time. It also keeps them away from your house. Some invaders usually stays near the house in neighborhood etc. to see the routine and all circumstances, in such cases you need to be more careful and alert.

5. Don’t leave Your Key in the Mailbox

Tips to Improve Your Home’s SecurityThere are many tips given by experts but people keep on ignoring. There is a very common mistake that people make by putting their keys in the mailbox. It is very obvious and one can very easily find your keys from there. Now, after getting keys they can make copies or do whatever they want. And you would have no idea what is going to happen with you. And the easiest point is the doormat; people keep keys under that too. This location is also very common and obvious. If you really want to leave keys somewhere in the house, you must wrap it in some kind or iron foil or any other wrapper that is not common or obvious and tell only family where the keys are.

6. Light up the Entrance to Your Home

You can use the trick of lighting up the doorway or entrance of house. Lighting if an infrared color would be the best, when the intruder would be entering lighting will start. And none of the intruder wants to get caught. This lighting system is perfect for horrifying the intruders.

7. Install Deadbolt Locks

Spending some money on security system is better than losing your valuable money. It is recommended to install 1 inch dead locks in all exterior doors. Although the dead locks cost more but these are very strong and provides extra security. But remember one thing when you are installing dead locks, make sure to leave a minimal distance between door and the lock. Doors can be reinforced by plywood or a piece of metal sheet.

8. Use Metal Bars on Sliding Doors

Tips to Improve Your Home’s SecurityNormal doors can be secured by installing a dead lock but the problem comes when you have a sliding door. This problem was also revealed by the idea of placing a metal bar on the bottom of the sliding door. You can use any kind of metal bar; it should be able to resist the force to open the door. This metal bar will work this way to resist the force applied by the intruder to open the door. These kinds of metal bars can also be used in sliding windows etc.

9. Use Interior Door Hinges

A very common mistake is to fit the hinges outside the door. Looters and intruders are very expert in opening those hinges and they are all the time looking for such opportunities to do burglary. You just have to do one thing, try to design you doors this way that hinges come inside the door. Now there is no way to get in or break the door locks if you have applied all necessary security. If unfortunately your door hinges are outside, don’t worry these can be easily shifted to inside. This would increase the security of your house.

10. Protect Your Window

Whenever we talk or think about security we keep insisting over the doors. No one thinks that windows are also there and they can become a source to bring the intruder in. You need to fit burglar resistant glass or locks on the windows too because this place is most vulnerable. Install more than one glass panes.


Home security is now the most important matter now. Because in our surroundings are full of people who are looking for such opportunities. The only way to stay safe is to plan and execute those safety plans at home. This article has the best ideas of security for your house.

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