Best Stow Away Ironing Boards | Wall Mounted and Built-In Reviews

best stowaway ironing board reviews

More Space With Stow Away Ironing Boards

Ironing your clothes is bad enough. Then think about how much space your bulky, antiquated traditional ironing board takes up. It’s enough to drive you crazy. Built-in and wall mounted ironing boards provide much needed space saving alternatives. They are great for ironing in apartments, or smaller homes without dedicated laundry rooms, and are quite affordable.

If you’re anything like us, you can always use extra space. Stow away ironing boards are a great option for reducing the clutter in your home.

We’ve found the 8 best stow away ironing boards. Now all you have to do is choose which is right for you.

best stowaway ironing board reviews

8 Best Wall Mounted and Built-In Ironing Boards

Hafele Wall Mounted Ironing Board

best wall mounted ironing board

The Hafele Wall Mounted Ironing Board is a steel ironing board made in Germany. It is wall-mounted and provides maximum space saving benefits.

The board measures in at 37 3/8″ x 11 7/8.”

When the entire unit is closed, it’s depth off of the wall is only 5 1/4.”

The Hafele Wall Mounted Ironing board allows for effortless installation. It has a 90 degree rotary mechanism which allows the board to swivel to wherever you need it. It also can be locked into place at any position.

This wall mounted ironing board also comes with a single heat-resistant cover. While extremely convenient, some reviewers have found that the Hafele’s metal frame is sometimes challenging to use.

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Superior Essentials Wall Mounted Ironing Board

best swivel ironing board

This board is particularly popular online as it has become maybe the choice product for folding ironing boards.

The Superior Essentials Wall Mounted Ironing Board is wall mounted and measures in at 37″ x 12″.

It also is constructed of high-quality steel to help increase its overall life expectancy. This board can be maneuvered and locked in at several angles and comes with a wooden mounting plate for easy installation.

Its adjustability makes this board super comfortable to use (as comfortable as ironing can be).

The downside? Some reviewers find the entire unit to be heavy. Also, an ironing board cover is not included.

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Slide-Away Ironing Boards Double Panel

ironing board in cabinet

Never have to see your ugly ironing board again with this ironing board that folds right into a built-in cabinet.

The Slide-Away Ironing Board rotates at a complete 180 degrees so you can iron at any angle you need.

The entire unit weighs 38 lbs, while it measures in at 47 7/8″ x 14 5/8″ x 3 1/4″.           its height is 47 ⅞, width is 14 ⅝,” and depth is three ¼.

Pre-finished in standard white, PVC vinyl wrap, this unit comes with a movable ironing mat and a silicone pad. The package also includes an ironing blanket.

While it appears permanent, this ironing board can be easily relocated.

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Household Essentials 18100-1 StowAway

best in-wall ironing board

The StowAway is a multipurpose ironing board that instantly gives your room more space.

The unit includes a cabinet with a foldable wood ironing board, 5 mm pad made of fiber, and a cotton cover.

The StowAway does requires installation, but instructions are provided detailing exactly how to install it.

This product has a rotating ironing board that swivels 180 degrees for right or left-handed ironing. You can apply the adjustment by modifying the bolt beneath the board to tighten or loosen, depending on the movement you prefer. To successfully install, you will need 44.5″ of clearance in front of the cabinet and 66″ from one side to the other to rotate and open respectively.

What’s more? A versatile door that can open to the right or the left is included.The StowAway also has both shelving and clothing hooks.

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Nisorpa Wall Mounted Iron Board Fold-Away

ironing boards that can pullout from the wall

The Nisorpa Wall Mounted Ironing Board is offered in two styles: cabinet pullout and wall mounted. Both models can be screwed into the wall with a metal plate.

This is a great alternative ironing board for saving space. You can fold it up, as well as turn it as far as 180 degrees. This makes it possible for it to be locked in the left, right, or at an inclined position. It also comes with a quality ironing board cover which we’ve found to be super easy to clean; all you have to do is remove the cover, wash it, and replace.

If you aren’t sold, there are options for a full refund or a total replacement in case the ironing board arrives in a faulty condition. Considering its quality, how it swivels to your convenience, that doesn’t take up much space, and is easy to install, this is a solid buy.

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HIDE-AWAY Sup400 Oak Ironing Board

ironing board in a wooden cabinet

The new Hide-Away Sup400 Oak, built from high-quality wood, creates a quaint alcove for your ironing board.

The unit includes a built-in rotational ironing board that is resistant to scratches. The ironing cabinet also comes with garment hooks and comprises hardware and a heat shield.

The downside? Some will find its price point to be a little high.

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USAFlagCases Built-In Ironing Board Cabinet Raw Wood

best hide away ironing board

A great option. USAFlagCases is a built-in ironing board with storage, a square door, iron storage, and a hideaway.

This alternative ironing board is made of raw unfinished wood, which gives it a certain appeal. The shelves and square MDF door are also built with birch plywood.

This impressive board is manufactured in the USA. It is affordable and durable. The door is right hinged, but a reversal is possible. When this is reversed during setup, it can open in either direction. It also requires zero assembling and no flooring legs. A disadvantage that some reviewers have found is that it does not swivel like other ironing boards.

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Homebasix Closet Pull-Out Retractable Ironing Board

best retractable ironing board set

This classic is a wonderful alternative ironing board for your home. It is perfect for a quick load of laundry in limited space. The Homebasix Ironing Board can be unassembled and folded. Also, it can be easily slid back into the wardrobe after usage.

The Homebasix comes with a high-quality slide rail. It is also easy to use and can be set up with a simple push and pull up. It has a thick fabric cover which has an anti-hot canvas for easy removal. The board also can be swiveled to any angle. Simply set it to your convenience by modifying the nut below to adjust the tightness on it.

The whole unit weighs 17.5 pounds and is built with long-lasting materials. A disadvantage is that the ironing board only pulls out one way, which is straight out. Aside from this, reviewers have found it to be a nifty and useful ironing board.

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Ironing Tips

A few tips to make your ironing more efficient never hurt. We’ve put together 10 easy to implement ironing tips to help you iron better and faster with your new wall mounted ironing board.

1. Position the ironing board

Choosing one of our best wall mounted or built-in ironing boards is a good start. Choose a variation that suits you.

Also, having the smallest scratch on your ironing board can cause creases in your clothes. Use the ironing board’s thicker edge to smoothen out creases. Place your clothing over the end and adjust it accordingly. However, avoid stretching the fabric. Instead, iron the stretched out crevices.

2. Use a neat base plate

The most prevalent error that most people make is not checking the sole plate for marks. A dirty base plate can stain your clothing, especially if it is a bright color. It is advisable to test the iron on a towel before placing it on the cloth. If the plate is filthy, you will immediately see the effect on the sheet. Apply baking soda and water straight to the plate to clear the dirt. Wipe off the powder with a wet cloth.

3. Use the appropriate heat level for different materials

Different fabrics have varying temperature thresholds. It is advisable that you sort your garments into groups. There are those with low resistance like delicate and synthetic products and some fabrics that have a high tolerance level.

Note the lowest temperature on your iron. This way, you learn what setting works best for different items. Be extra careful with synthetics because plastics melt when exposed to excess heat. This will give your clothes a glossy layer.

Ironing your clothes inside out is an easy route to keep it from fading. This way, your clothes can be pristine and still retain their color vibrancy.

4. Use starch for creases

Spray starch on materials to help remove stubborn wrinkles. By spraying starch on stubborn creases before ironing, the material becomes easier to iron. It can be extremely tough to iron out cotton creases. One easy way to tackle this problem is to iron them while they’re still damp. The combination of heat and water will generate steam and cause creases to be smoothened out.

5. Turn out your pockets

This is a helpful trick, but it’s often overlooked. Pockets can create lumps inside your pants. Turn out your pockets as if to empty them and enjoy smoother ironing.

6. Maneuver complicated cuffs, collars, and hems

Turn cuffs, collars, and hems inside out and iron on the opposite side first. Apply a little starch while holding up your collar. Seal the collar with a binding tissue and repeatedly run the iron over the area.

7. Iron down dress pants on the middle seam

To achieve the middle seam seen on great looking dress pants and khakis, press down the side of the trousers. This creates bottom seams. Position the length of both legs flat on the board and iron gently. Be careful to reduce the pressure on the seams.

8. Hang-drying your clothes

Hang your damp laundry, and most creases will naturally fade away. Set the process to keep your clothes mildly wet and iron just before they dry. For the wrinkles that don’t leave, you can re-dampen to iron them out. Squeeze some water through the ridges and bring them home in the dryer for 5 minutes. The humidity will tighten the edges, making it easier to iron them out.

9. Don’t rumple your clothes all over again

Imagine you used one of the best wall mounted or built-in ironing boards, and you followed all the available instructions to the letter. However, your clothes still look rough on the day you want to wear because you neglected the final step. A quick tip is to keep a variety of coat hangers around while ironing. You should either hang the clothes or pack them instantly on a flat surface. It will stop the garment from having creases before the day you want to wear it.

10. Pour out residual water to elude the development of calcium

Leaving water inside your iron can cause calcium or scale to build up inside it. This will eventually stain your garments. Place your iron on top of a container or over the sink and hold down the calcium clean button for a few seconds. It will require about 30 seconds to descale.

The Aluminum Foil Trick

Ever used aluminum foil while ironing? By utilizing any of our list of best wall mounted and built-in ironing boards with an aluminum foil, you will be sure to get optimum results. Try to line the aluminum foil on your ironing board. Since the aluminum plate is a thermal carrier, when you move over it, the temperature from the metal transmits the metal ‘irons’ on the other hand of the clothing. This eliminates the need for both sides to be ironed and produces excellent outcomes!

Reclaim The Space In Your Laundry Room

We hope that we’ve at least shown you some options to save space in your laundry room. Unfortunately, until someone invents something to replace the iron, we’re stuck with ironing boards. Luckily, there are more stowaway ironing board options than ever. Happy ironing! But save time for something fun like grilling!

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