Storage Bench with Cushion – How to Choose the Right One for You?

Sometimes there comes a time where we look around and decide that we have too much stuff and not enough storage. So, what do we do?

The best way to tackle this problem is not by filling your house with clunky and oversized storage totes, but by choosing some great space-saving multipurpose products.

One such space-saving idea is using a storage bench.

A storage bench with cushion combines style with function while keeping your home organized.

Are you looking for one such storage bench for your home? Finding a bench that complements your décor and provides you with a practical and attractive storage solution isn’t that easy. But, with this guide, the selection process will be a breeze.

Types of Storage Benches

Storage benches come in several styles, including:

Entryway Storage Bench

ameriwood altra penelope entryway storage bench
Altra Penelope Entryway Storage Bench with Cushion

An entryway storage bench can make a good statement while offering you enough space to store anything you might want to grab quickly before leaving home.

Living Room Storage Bench

safavieh freddy brown wicker storage bench
Safavieh Freddy Brown Wicker Storage Bench

These benches are a great addition to your living space and can even provide extra seating while you’re entertaining your guests. A living room storage bench proves to be handy for decluttering and organizing.

Bedroom Storage Bench

christopher knight home keiko fabric storage bench
Christopher Knight Home Keiko Fabric Armed Storage Bench

Bedroom storage benches are often more comfortable and can prove to be a place where you can relax at the end of a long day. They are often built with one large section to store your bedroom essentials like off-season blankets, pillows, and extra bedsheets.

Outdoor Storage Bench

ulax furniture outdoor storage bench rattan style
Ulax Furniture Outdoor Storage Bench Rattan Style

These benches are great for storing your garden essentials, including tools, patio furniture cushions, and pool toys. Made from weather-resistant materials, outdoor storage benches are durable and can withstand all different types of weather conditions.

How to Pick the Right Storage Bench

The first step in picking the right storage bench is determining where you are planning to place it. If you wish to place it in the garden, it will be exposed to the changing weather conditions. So, it’s best to skip the cushions here.

If you have a semi-sheltered patio or porch, you can add the outdoor cushions with ease. However, the indoor storage bench opens up a wide range of possibilities when it comes to style and materials.

Once you have decided on the placement, you need to figure out the purpose of the storage bench with cushion. It’s best to look for styles with cubbies, shelves, or a full chest beneath the seating if it is purely for storage. Again, go a step further and consider what you prefer – one large space or divided storage. This will enable you to fit into your storage needs.

Lastly, look for the benches that complement your home décor.

What Factors to Consider When Buying a Storage Bench?

To ensure that the chosen bench fits your needs, it is essential to consider the following factors:

  • Size: Before you purchase a storage bench, it is important to measure the space you plan to place it. This will make sure that the bench fits neatly in your home.
  • Material: You will find various materials for storage bench with cushion options, including wood, composite materials, and metal. Woodend benches come in natural styles with different stains to suit your interiors. You can even choose upholstered fabric benches to match your décor.
  • Storage Items: Consider the items that you are planning to store in the storage bench. This will help you figure out the style and compartments you’ll need. It is recommended to go for one large compartment to store bulkier items and smaller compartments for small or loose items.
  • Style vs. Storage: Figure out your priorities. Is it storage? Is it style? If you want to maintain your style while still being able to organize, go with a modern bench filled to the brim with cubbies and shelves.

How to Choose a Storage Bench that Matches Your Décor Style

Do you wish to complement your storage bench with your existing interior? If yes, the first thing to do is identify the colors and the décor style that you’d like to keep the same in the space.

However, if you plan to place your storage bench against a wall, choosing a different color will help it stand out by creating a light and dark contrast with its surroundings.

As for décor and your style, you can choose from the below options to find what you think will suit your current décor best:

  • For a rustic, mid-century modern, vintage, and cottage style look – go with traditional wooden benches.
  • For a more minimalist design, consider benches made of wood. Also, find benches that have thin legs and a monochrome top with drawers.
  • If you wish to play with natural colors like white, cream, grey, dark blue, or forest green, go with the Scandinavian bench. They are made of natural colors and lighter woods. You can further team up with a cozy faux fur or a different texture to complement your décor.
  • You can play around with different geometrical designs or painted wood and metal to strike a perfect balance between the aesthetics and functionality if you are trying to achieve a more modern look.
  • If you prefer a more unfinished look, choose industrial benches that combine wood and dark metal elements like thin legs, cabinets, or see-through mesh.
  • For harmony, go with shabby chic benches that feature white or light pastel tones with more aged looks. These benches often come with more intricate details and basket-shaped drawers that can further enhance your décor.

The Takeaway

A storage bench with cushion is surely a great addition to your home. After all, they provide a wonderful, multipurpose storage solution that adds style, comfort, and convenience to your living space.

Choose one that is both practical and stylish. But, before that, decide the purpose, consider the storage items, determine the features, explore the types and styles and you’re good to go with a great space-saving multipurpose storage for your home.

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