Top 5 Solar Flood Lights for Your Home

Are you waiting up on a member of your household to safely make it back home? Do you get up nearly every night to let your dog out? Perhaps you’ve heard a thud and wondering what animal or intruder could be lurking on your lawn. The possibilities are endless! Therefore, having a powerful and reliable light source to illuminate your garden, patio deck, garage, or backdoor is a necessity for security and aesthetic purposes.

An excellent, practical, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly option to consider is a solar flood light. But, sifting through the wealth of solar floodlights that have littered the market can be an uphill battle. Therefore, we’ve reviewed the best products to buy that’ll give you value for your money. Read on!

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1. LED iThird Solar Powered Security Lights

As a more pocket-friendly alternative, iThird has a futuristic and intriguing design that sets it apart from the pack.  When it comes to functionality, this product has three adjustable modes that give you control over the lighting in various scenarios.

Firstly, the sensor mode keeps the light turned on when no movement is detected. And, it becomes brighter when it detects movement. The second mode keeps the lights on throughout the night. When the third mode is activated, they are turned off until movement is detected.

Designed from ABS material coupled with stainless steel, the iThird solar flood lights have a waterproof rating of IP44.

120-degree sensor angleIP rating could be higher
3 adjustable modes 
Built from waterproof and durable materials 

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2. SOLLA LED Outdoor Security Light

Are you on the quest for solar flood lights that can cover plenty of ground? Then your search ends here with the SOLLA LED Outdoor Security Light. It has three adjustable heads that grant you free rein to illuminate the area of your choice. Moreover, the motion sensor has the uncanny ability to detect movement by 20, 33, and 49 feet in distance.

Upon detection of movement, you can set the number of seconds that you want the light to stay on, ranging from 30 and 60 seconds to 2 minutes. The SOLLA LED Outdoor Security Light has two modes for you to choose from.

The first one allows you to have the lights on throughout, whereas the second mode keeps the lights off until movement is detected. The latter is a better option for those looking to prolong the battery life. A 15-foot card ties the lights to the solar panel, thus providing increased flexibility when it comes to the installation process.

Extremely brightLimited adjustment options
180-degree sensing angle 
Easy to install 
Two modes of operation 
Impressive waterproof rating 

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3. KUFUNG Solar Flood Lights

As one of the few products that have a ‘swan’ neck as it’s popularly called, the KUFUNG Solar Flood Lights grant you 180 degrees of flexibility. They’re armed with motion sensors that detect motion at a 120-degree radius. But remember, they’re sensitive enough to be triggered by even the slightest movement at a distance that ranges from 10 to 25 feet.

The KUFUNG Solar Flood Lights come with three operational modes, two of which will sense movement and switch to a brighter output. However, one of them turns off the lights entirely when the detected movement comes to a halt, whereas the other dims them. The third mode keeps the lights on throughout. With a waterproof rating of IP67, these are unarguably the most affordable weather-resistant solar flood lights you’ll ever stumble upon.

High waterproof ratingOnly suitable for small areas
Impressively bright 
Comes in large and medium sizes 
3 operating modes 
180-degree adjustable head and arm 

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4. Richarm 6W 800 LM Dual 42 LEDs


Pricier than other models in the market, the Richarm 6W 800 LM Dual 42 LED solar flood lights come with a remote control. It allows you to regulate the brightness and timer of the lights, particularly if you plan to mount them at higher points of your home. Otherwise, you’d need to use a ladder each time you needed to alter a setting.

The fixtures will light the respective area at a 60-degree angle, which isn’t the broadest range, but the extraordinary brightness certainly makes up for it. The narrow-angle makes these solar flood lights an ideal option for mounting above entrances because it ushers in superior lighting intensity.

Furthermore, given that the Richarm 6W 800 LM Dual 42 LEDs come with a swiveling arm, you can place them on the ground. This enhances their portability, making them perfect for fishing trips or camping.

Easily mountable on wallsPricey
Remote control includedNarrow-angle
Bright light output 
3 operation modes 
Suitable for outdoor activities 

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5. A-Zone LED Spotlight

With a runtime of 40 hours, the A-Zone LED Spotlight is compact, easy to install, and comes in one piece. Combining the runtime with the brightness of 800 lumens, this product gets the job done when it comes to providing sufficient outdoor lighting.

As it keeps your space bright all night long, the A-Zone LED Spotlight can survive snowfall, rainstorms, or strong winds courtesy of a high IP66 waterproof rating. This makes it one of the most durable products to buy. It doubles as a security light, which means it will alert you every time there’s unexpected movement.

With a design that’s strikingly similar to a CCTV camera, the A-Zone LED Spotlight acts as a deterrent in security situations, adding a layer of protection to your home. Keep in mind that this product has a focused beam, which means it doesn’t illuminate a wide area unless you mount it high.

Simple installationDoesn’t cover a large area
High runtimeLimited flexibility
Adds a layer of security 
IP66 waterproof rating 
800 lumens 

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To Wrap It Up

Solar flood lights are an easy and quick fix for those looking to illuminate an area that lacks electricity nearby. They’re an ideal option for patios, driveways, sheds, or yards. And, with most costing below $60, they’re pocket-friendly as well. By selecting any of our top picks, you’re guaranteed years of excellent service. So, place your order today!

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