What are the Benefits of Silk Comforters?

Everyone knows that silk comforters are amazing and that they are worth every penny you spend to acquire one. But why is this? What makes silk comforters so special in the first place?

What are the Real Benefits of Using a Silk Comforter?

The hype surrounding silk comforters is warranted. They bring a number of benefits to the table, for instance:


Silk is good for your skin. It has 18 different types of amino acids that will not only protect sensitive skin but also promote its rejuvenation and hydration. Silk is equally good for your hair.

Temperature Control

benefits of using a cheap silk comforter
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Silk comforters are great temperature regulators. They will retain your body heat during the winter, keeping you warm even as the temperatures in your home drop.

On the other hand, once summer comes around, silk comforters help to shed heat, allowing you stay perfectly cool.

They are far superior to cotton which is capable of keeping you warm during the winter only to become overbearingly hot once spring and summer arrive.

With silk, you don’t have to worry about changing comforters with the weather. The same silk bedding can keep you cool and cozy all year round.

Moisture Reduction

Silk has great moisture-wicking attributes.

In other words, silk comforters will eliminate the sweat and oils your body secretes while you sleep, allowing you to remain perfectly dry throughout the night.

This makes such comforters particularly appealing to people who sweat a lot when they sleep.

Health Benefits

Silk comforters are surprisingly healthy. Not only are they resistant to bacteria, mold, and fungus, but they are hypoallergenic.

That doesn’t even take into account their beauty. The best silk comforters have a beautiful sheen that you just can’t get with other materials.

Choosing the Right Silk Comforters

The fact that silk comforters are so beneficial is nothing new. The demand is quite high for these bedding items, which is why there are so many silk comforters on the market.

For help finding the best silk comforters click here. For individuals that are new to this arena, the deluge of silk comforters that keeps hitting the market every single year is a problem because it makes it difficult to choose just one comforter from the numerous options available.

You won’t find a clear cut answer to this issue because everyone has such distinct tastes and preferences. That being said, the following considerations could help you narrow your options:


The weight of a comforter will determine the weather in which it should be used. Obviously, hot weather requires lighter comforters whilst colder weather requires heavier comforters.

This should encourage you to first identify the weather in your area. You are better off choosing a heavier comforter because it has a higher chance of keeping you warm in the winter but also remaining cool in the summer.

Of course, with silk comforters you don’t have to drastically change your comforter’s weight based on the season as silk performs well in all temperatures.


can i sleep better with a silk filled duvet comforter

What is inside your silk comforter?

Pure mulberry silk is soft and durable. It also has a natural pearl color.

Tussah silk filling is cheaper because it is coarser but it is not quite as luxurious.

Mulberry silk extracted by hand is completely natural because no chemicals are used to process it – helping it to retain its natural color. It is also springy.

Silk created by machines is quite fluffy. However, it is processed using chemicals. As such, it doesn’t have mulberry silk’s hypoallergenic properties.

The filling tends to determine just how soft and fluffy the comforter will be and whether or not it can deliver all the benefits of silk.


A casing is used to protect your comforter. When you shop for your new silk comforter, you need to make sure that the manufacturer has also provided a casing that is not only tough and durable but which enhances the attributes of the comforter.

There is no point in buying a comforter with a smooth surface when its casing is rough. You will never use it. A decent casing should make its comforter even more appealing.

That means it should be breathable, soft to the touch, and of course, beautiful to look at.

Don’t forget about the Momme. This is what reveals the weight and the durability of the silk. The higher the momme weight, the stronger and more durable the silk comforter will be.

Most silk comforters fall in the range of 6 to 19mm. Anything with a momme weight close to, or exceeding, 19mm will be exceptional in quality.

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