10 Important Steps to Plan Your RV Trip

Plan Your RV Trip

Plan Your RV TripIf you are traveling with family or with a group of friends, then RVing will be the best way to go for that trip. You would really enjoy the journey and also the family time. The best thing about RV is that you can get everything on the road, in the ride. It will make your way very comfortable and easy. But whatever the ride is you have to plan it accordingly. The planning would be different with different kind of ride. RV is a special type of vehicle needs proper planning. This article will help you through this planning; getting knowledge of the good and bad points will help you a lot through this. Budget, electrical load, food, route and there are a lot other things discussed below for your convenience and ease. It’s better to have a rough idea about the roads, ways and the cost of trip.

1. Outline Your Route

No matter how much beautiful the journey is, everyone wants to be at the destination as soon as possible. For this purpose you have set an outline to get in at the destination on time. You should make plan according to your stays, count maximum estimated time you will take in stays. For RV trip, the winter season is considered best to travel towards southern areas. While making your outline, keep in mind the weather too. But summer trips are considered more flexible because days are longer in summers.

2. Create Your Timeline

After making the whole outline, next step comes to make timeline. Timeline would be according to route which you planned. Making the timeline will give you an idea how much and how far you are going to drive a day, how many places you will cover by one day. This timeline will also cover by which roadside attractions you are going to see, and how much time you will spend there. If there are more than one drivers, then it will have a count if hours of driving per person. Make it well and leave a room for stretching time too.

3. Build a Budget

The most important thing is budget, because it will run the trip. Budget will give you the estimation of how you have to do shopping, what and how much you are going to eat. One thing that many people forget to manage is to save money for emergency situations. Any kind of tragedy or injury can happen to you.

4.  Purchase RV Insurance

Plan Your RV TripRV vehicles also have insurances, if you already don’t have, get it before going to the trip. Especially if you are going to a long trip, insurance is must then. If anywhere or anytime during the trip your ride gets into a problem, you can call the auto insurance company; they should be able to add an RV to your current policy. Insurance has other benefits too, but that varies according the policies of companies.

5. Know Your Electrical Load

RV may not be able to run all your appliances at once; you have to manage the electrical load. The best way to manage electrical load is to label the appliances and have the estimation of total bearable load then switch on accordingly. Increased electrical load can create issues like short circuit and your RV can be damaged. So, you just have to be careful about the amperes your appliances have.

6. Make Checklists

We can’t say that everything is 100 percent complete and ready. Human brain can’t remember everything or keep track of. So, for a better trip and plan, you would need to make a checklist for it. This check list will never let you miss anything. The checklist will include the spare parts you will need or any other thing you may need during journey or at your destination. Though you can buy things during the trip too, but on roadsides usually things are little expensive and it would also waste time. At the moment when you need that particular thing you will just pick it up and use it, on the other hand if you are buying it during the trip, you may have to go to more than one stores to find the perfect product. It will waste time and money both.

7. Pack in Stages

Plan Your RV TripThe biggest and the most common mistake we all make is to pack everything at once. At the very next mistake is to pack it on the last moment. No checklist would even help in that situation. Do the packing stage by stage and start it at least before a week. By doing it this way, you will not only feel mentally comfort and also you will not feel tired. When you are done with packing, go on to all things just in case you may forget something to add.

8. Secure All Items

RV trip has both advantages and disadvantages, but you can manage it to the minimum level of disadvantage. Especially in case of kitchen, when the vehicle take some tricky turn or a heavy break, you kitchen may mess up. So it is important to keep everything secure. Find out anything which works for you and fix all items with that.

9. Manage RV Weight

There are proper RV weight balances which tell you either this weight will be safe or not. If it overloads then take a look on what you are keeping with you and lift down unnecessary things. An easy way is not to keep water with you; you can get it on each stop.

10. Check Road and Weather Conditions

The last but most important thing is to check roads and weather conditions before going to trip. Burning sun or freezing cold both will not let you enjoy the trip. Each day you should check it before going on road and be aware of the possible conditions. You can make changes in your timeline if necessary or another road maybe.


A properly planned RV trip will give you lifetime memories, on the other hand not planned RV trip will also be memorable but as a worst memory. Plan your trip and have the best possible fun at it. The above article is to guide you for making a perfect plan.


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