10 Genius Outdoor Tool Storage Ideas

Outdoor storage is not always as simple and straightforward as we would like. Unlike the inside of our home, where we have plentiful storage options such as closets and drawers, a backyard is wide open. It does not have any storage facilities unless we create those storage areas ourselves.

So, to create a proper storage arrangement, you have to think outside the box.

No matter what your backyard style is – whether you are just working with a small balcony, medium-sized patio, or you have a sprawling lawn with ample space, there are many easy and practical ways to store all types of outdoor tools like landscaping tools, pool cleaning equipment, and gardening tools.

So, are you ready to transform your outdoor space into an organized, clutter-free area? Check out these genius outdoor tool storage ideas below:

Outdoor Storage Bench

keter eden 70 gallon storage bench deck box

This multi-utility storage bench is a primary addition that you should make while organizing your outdoor space. You’ll have not only seats in your garden to host your guests but also a place to keep your garden tools out of sight. You can get creative while storing things of your choice, but overall, this outdoor storage bench is a great way to store towels, blankets, cushions, toys, gardening tools, and even planters.

Garden Tool Rack

stalwart rolling garden fits tools storage rack tower

Storing your most-used tools conveniently is possible with this garden tool rack. It is perfect for all short or long-handled yard tools. The base’s grid pattern allows you to place some of the tools head down for safety purposes. It is easy to assemble and comes with sturdy wheels for easy mobility. Its durable plastic construction prevents rusting, rotting, and peeling, making it the perfect organizer for storing your garden tools. Just place it in one corner of your shed or garage, and you’re good to go with managing your outdoor storage space efficiently.

Garden Storage Shed

rubbermaid vertical resin weather resistant outdoor garden storage shed

If your outdoor space offers plenty of room, consider adding a garden storage shed. You’ll be able to fit almost everything, including bicycles and lawnmowers, depending on the size. You can even opt for vertical storage shed to accommodate all garden tools, potting supplies, and landscaping essentials. It all depends on your outdoor storage requirements. So, are you ready to add charm and functionality to your outdoor space with this garden storage shed? We recommend adding it to your cart today.

Garden Potting Bench

bering wooden outdoor garden potting bench

A garden potting bench is yet another great outdoor tool storage idea to consider. It offers ample storage space for storing all of your gardening essentials. You can even use the bench as a bar or food cart when required. Place this garden potting bench near the garden area, and you can further decorate it with some flower vases to complement your outdoor décor.

Deck Box

keter westwood 150 gallon resin large deck box

If the vertical storage shed isn’t working out for your outdoor space, don’t worry. A deck box can prove to be a great alternative. A small horizontal shed or a proper deck box allows you to easily store your outdoor pillows, small grill, garden hose, and tools. These deck boxes work best if you have a balcony as they won’t obstruct the view. Moreover, you’ll be able to keep everything hidden as well as within your reach. So, this addition is sure to make your outdoor space look more organized and clutter-free.

Portable Outdoor Garden Cart

suncast portable outdoor garden cart

You can call it tool storage on-the-go as this tool-holding unit comes with wheels. It has interchangeable shelves and bins, so you can arrange them easily to fit your needs. The slots included allowing you to store your garden tools, equipment, and accessories. Put this cart to use in the garden and simply drag it to the garage or shed when done. A great mobile outdoor tool storage idea to have, isn’t it?


wall control 30-p-3232gv galvanized steel pegboard pack

Searching for some inexpensive yet versatile organizers to hang your things vertically on your outdoor wall? A pegboard is the answer. You can hang tools like gardening gloves, garden trowels, and soil scoops easily on this pegboard. You can further customize it according to your storage needs by investing in other accessories for the pegboard.

Garden Hose Holder

tomcare detachable metal garden water hose holder

A garden hose holder keeps your hose accessible and prevents it from ending up in a tangled pile on the ground. It is convenient to move and store as it does not require mounting on the wall. You have the flexibility of placing it wherever you want. You can also disassemble it when not in use. This garden hose holder can withstand a lot of weight and is sturdy enough to hold a large hose while staying upright. Above all, it comes with an elegant design that adds to the beauty of your outdoor space.

Outdoor Storage Shed Tent

yardstash space saving outdoor storage shed tent

If you are looking for something more portable and less permanent compared to a traditional garden shed, then you may want to consider this outdoor storage shed tent. It can hold outdoor gear, tools, and more and is similar in size to a plastic, wood, or metal shed. It is made with a thick, heavy-duty, weatherproof, tear proof, and UV fade proof vinyl tarpaulin material and is made to last.

Crates and Baskets

admired by nature distressed decorative organizer wooden

You can use crates, baskets, and old pallets to store your small, everyday gardening items. Crates and baskets are the perfect additions if you wish to have an eco-friendly outdoor space. Moreover, they are sustainable. So, save yourself from tripping over the small tools and garden items lying on the floor while organizing them in these little crates and baskets. You may even consider labeling these crates as this will allow you to keep your things handy.

Ending Notes

Which storage idea did you like the most? You may even consider customizing them and making sure they not only fit your storage needs but are also aesthetically pleasing.

If you have organized your outdoor space already, let us know which unique storage idea you have used to store your outdoor essentials.

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