8 Multi-Use Dining Room Ideas

best ideas to repurpose dining room

With the cost per square foot of floor space still on the rise – today’s savvy city dwellers, and suburbanites alike, can make compact homes work with smart ideas and ingenious use of space such as the creation of a multi-use dining room.

Not everyone can afford to rent or own a home with multiple rooms for different purposes – so you may need one space to serve many purposes.

A dining room can often be a room that is used infrequently so you’re not making the best use of your space.

Whether you are thinking of renting an apartment and have a space with dimensions to work with or you are trying to maximize your current home – we have 8 multi-use dining room ideas to make your space work for you, whatever your lifestyle.

Dining Room – Lounge

If you don’t have a separate dining room then you may want to make the most of your living area and make it into a dining area as well. So to make a dining/lounge space you’re going to need to consider how to make the best use of your space.

Mount the TV

One of the easiest and best ways to save space is to mount your flat screen TV to the wall. Whenever your TV is placed atop a piece of furniture you’re losing valuable space behind the TV and on top of the furniture.

Not just that, a TV mounted to the wall just looks cleaner with the wires out of harm’s way. Flat screen TVs these days invariably come with the option of mounting them to the wall. If you’re in the process of mounting your TV make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the right equipment.

If in doubt, call in a professional to drill the holes – and also think about the height of where you are hanging the TV. You don’t want a strained neck every time you sit down to watch your favorite Netflix shows.

Now you have your TV mounted and taken care of, it’s time to consider the dining table and chairs. Once again a small space is not going to allow for a dining room table of banquet proportions especially when you need to accommodate a sofa.

Dining Table with Leaf

Dining room tables with pullout intersections date back hundreds of years – so this idea is far from novel. A table that is pushed to one wall or to a corner can be pulled out and suddenly expanded for that special occasion when more than the usual number of people are dining.

We love the Jofran Double Drop Leaf Table which is perfect for couples with a small space that occasionally entertain.

The Jofran has a double drop leaf and is made of Asian hardwood and cherry veneer. It can comfortably seat two to four people.

And if you have a tiny home, then consider a foldaway dining table or desk that you pull out for use and can attach back, flush to the wall after use which takes up ZERO space.

We also suggest checking out the Tangkula Folding Desk –  a narrow chalkboard shelf unit mounted to the wall which can be pulled out into a desk or table.

Coffee Table

Consider a smart coffee table that has multi-purposes.

Coffee tables that have straight sides make better use of space generally. They can also be pushed flat to the wall completely out of the way to make the best use of floor space.

Consider a coffee table with storage that can house more tables and other items.

And ideally, if you are going to be moving the table about so you can take part in physical activities in that space, then think about the materials the coffee table is made of. You want to be able to move it easily and for no one to get unduly hurt should they bang or crash into it.

adjustable coffee table on wheels

We love the Sauder Boulevard Coffee Table with its clever use of storage and sliding door. It is also mounted on wheels so you can easily push it out of the way.

Dining Room – Library

narrow five tier bookshelf

While paper books may not be as popular as they once were, many people still adore their look and feel.

Not only that, but books can be very aesthetically pleasing when neatly stored on shelves. Many people love to have books they’ve read on display for visitors to see. They can make for dinner party conversation starters or just let people know a little more about who you are as a person.

A “library” of neatly displayed books detailing your passions, hobbies, and work also does not take up very much space. A set of shelves is all you need in a dining room or hallway to begin expressing your heart and soul.

Check out the Tribesigns Five-Tier Bookshelf – a great bookshelf for a multi-use dining room that can be assembled in less than five minutes and includes a two year warranty.

Dining Room – Office

Many people these days work from home. It’s all too easy to grab your laptop from your workbag and start working on that project/assignment for a few hours in the evening while you relax on the sofa. However, there is a downside.

First of all, it will likely take you far longer to complete your work than if you purposefully sit at a desk. And secondly, you will be causing yourself numerous health problems as you strain your neck, back, and shoulders due to poor posture.

wall mounted desk for dining room
Check out this pine wood wall mounted desk!

If you do need to work from home and you don’t have a spare room that can be designated as an office, then it may be wise to set up your office in an otherwise unused dining room area. This is opposed to a bedroom – which is where you ought to be relaxing and sleeping or the main living area where you’ll be constantly distracted by the TV or your family.

A multi-use dining room is a great alternative to a home office.

If space is short then a pull out fold-away table and chair are perfectly suitable for an office.

Alternatively, you can make a small office space in the corner of a dining/living space where you can set up a Mac or PC. Your DIY office is then complete with an executive chair to keep work stress to a minimum.

Dining Room – Play Area for Children

Many homeowners have created dining rooms that pull double duty as a space for adults to entertain while their kids play.

The perfect solution for any style of multi-use dining room for children, whether vintage or modern, is always a chest for neatly housing all of your children’s toys, action heroes, balls, puzzles, games, and the dollhouse’s kitchen sink.

toy chest for multi-use dining room

The chest itself makes an ideal tabletop to play board games – adults can grab a chair and children can sit or kneel on the floor.

The chest can also be used as a table for younger guests who prefer the less stuffy adult setting of a dinner table with formal plates and glasses. The dimensions are also far better suited to little people.

To complete your child’s new play area, consider adding a tiny couch made for kids.

Today, they make kids’ couches that can fit into any decor you may have in your home.

Dining Room – Workout Studio

Follow the ideas we have already given with a smart coffee table that you can push effortlessly to a wall, as well as a fold away dining table, and you’ve got yourself a work out studio.

Store an exercise or yoga mat and weights in a chest or coffee table and you are good to go!

Dining Room – Spare Bedroom

best corner sofa sleeper couch

Most of us, no matter who we are, can still from time to time make use of a spare bedroom in the lounge or dining room. And a sofa bed in a separate room equals an extra bedroom – everyone knows that.

Even when my least favorite relative had evicted me from my bedroom at Christmas when I was a child – it was never dull or boring to pull out the sofa bed in the dining room, snuggle into the duvets and watch the late night Xmas movies.

Recreate the experience with a multi-use dining room/bedroom.

Consider tucking a sofa bed discretely into a dining room for a less formal ambiance and the backup of enough space to sleep a few kids during the holidays, or the in-laws during an extended visit.

Dining Room – Spa

Now we might be a little crazy here, but consider the ultimate luxury of turning your dining room space into an indoor spa by installing a hot tub.

Imagine being able to jump into your indoor spa all year around – luxuriating in hot bubbles while listening to Dean Martin croon “Let It Snow” at Christmas time. Or simply setting your spa ready for an invigorating soak after a workout?

Whether it’s a balmy sunny evening and you splash in cooler water with the windows open or you want to share a romantic bottle of wine with your partner during winter – not many things scream pure luxury and indulgence than an indoor hot tub.

Well it’s not going to be an option for all, since an indoor hot tub demands a certain amount of space and a budget. But not that much space; a two-person indoor tub typically takes up less space than a queen bed. That being said it’s not really a family-friendly option.

But if you’d like to create a luxurious spa and inner sanctum, then it’s just a case of some expert plumbing and a flexible budget. With today’s best affordable inflatable hot tubs, even a shoestring budget can have you soaking your worries away.

Dining Room – Pet Palace

Apartment living can often mean there’s no space for a cat to swing. And pets do have a habit of getting under your feet especially in a small space.

Well, we suggest you don’t swing your cats but mount them instead. If you don’t want a pet bed taking up much-needed floor space, then cat shelves are ideal. Your cats will love being up high on smart and attractive shelves.

We love these cat shelves from Catastrophic. They feature a cat hammock and activity center to keep your kitties comfy and amused.

Catastrophic also offer a wall-mounted dining experience for your cat for the ultimate in feline space saving!

Repurpose Your Dining Room

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this simple guide. If you’re currently just using your dining room for occasional use, then hopefully you have some inspiration to start making the most out of your space with these 8 multi-use dining room ideas.

If you found this article helpful, please give us five stars below and let us know through your feedback and comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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