4 Magnetic Phone Charging Cables for Quick Charges

best magnetic phone charger

Magnetic Phone Charging Cables

There is no denying the role that smartphones play in our lives. While phones now come with a nearly unlimited array of accessories,  magnetic phone charging cables have quickly risen to be one of users’ favorite add-ons.

Unlike standard charging cables, these devices pack speed and power, and are trendy to boot. They also eliminate annoying cord damage while providing ease of use.

However, if you’ve tried shopping online for a magnetic phone charging cable, you’ve likely realized the abundance of options available.

We think that an informed consumer makes the right decisions, which is why we created our list of reviews of the best magnetic phone charging cables. So that you can learn everything you need to know about these devices, we also created a buyer’s guide. That way you can get the perfect model for you.

1. NetDot 3rd Generation USB 2.0 Magnetic Charging Cable Adapter

netdot magnetic charger

If you want a magnetic phone charging cable that supports fast charging and has a powerful magnet, then you are in for a treat with this charger from NetDot.

The NetDot charger works with both Apple and Android phones (not recommended for Samsung S7, S7 Edge, or Tab S).

In addition to charging your device, the NetDot 3rd Generation also supports the transfer of data to and from Android phones. With the touch nylon braiding, not only is the cable durable enough to withstand years of daily use, it doesn’t tangle.

Also, you  are sure to love the LED display and high-quality copper wire which maximizes signal quality. This cable boasts Mini 8 Pin connectors and 2x High-Quality Micro which protects the data transfer cable and your phone from damage caused by frequent plugging.

With this device, you get three magnetic phone cables in one pack for an affordable price. It also comes with a one year warranty which provides a replacement or refund.


  • USB 2.0 Connection
  • LED indicator
  • Fast charging speed
  • Quality materials


  • Not compatible with NetDot 2nd Generation cable

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2. Smart&Cool Gen4 Nylon Braided Two-Mode Magnetic Charging Cable

two mode magnetic charging cable

The Smart&Cool Gen4 Magnetic Cable is a perfect way to keep your phone fully charged no matter where you are.

Also, it is one of the most compatible units on the market right now, working with nearly every model of phone and tablet.

Additionally, the Smart&Cool supports two cable types: Apple iPhone’s Lightning and Micro-USB connector. One of the outstanding features that vaults this charger above the rest is its smart device detection. It will identify your device type and adjust to maximize charging efficiency.

The ability to data sync makes this one of the best magnetic charging cables. The cable is equipped with an adjustment which allows you to use it as a part of a car charging framework. For commuters, its tough to beat the Smart&Cool cable.


  • Compatible with almost every model of phone and tablet
  • Durable nylon cable
  • Perfect for in-car charging
  • Available in 3.3 and 5 foot cables


  • Cord and magnet can become attached

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3. Wsken Mini2 Micro Magnetic Cable

magnetic charger for iphone

This fully compatible magnetic cable charges your phone at seriously fast speeds due to its USB 2.0 data transfer abilities.

Compared to others in its class, the Wsken Mini2 Magnetic Cable is equipped with one of the stronger magnets; strong enough that you can use it as an anti-dust plug when not charging.

A nice feature of the Wsken charger is how easy it is to connect with one hand while driving. Honestly, it might be the number one reason why we bought a magnetic phone charger in the first place. There’s not much worse then fumbling with your phone charger when you’re merging into four lanes of traffic.

Please note: This charger only works with Android phones!


  • Includes one year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Eliminates angular stress points
  • LED charging light


  • Android phones only
  • Cable length may be too short for some – 3 feet

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4. Magnitto USB Type C Cable – Magnetic Charging Cable

magnetic charger for car

If you are looking for a universal magnetic phone charging cable which is sturdy and durable, then this MAGNITTO Magnetic Cable is an excellent option for you. The cable offers three connector types including a Lightning, a Micro-USB, and Type-C magnetic connector and is double nylon braided to prevent overheating.

The ability to use the same charger cable for three different connections makes this an enticing option.

  • Fast phone charging
  • Great features for using while in the car
  • One year limited warranty
  • Some users have desired a longer cable

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Buyer’s Guide

Magnetic phone charging cables are not all the same, and are offered with a multitude of features at different price points. We hope that our list of the best magnetic phone chargers has made your decision easier.

Benefits Compared to Regular Phone Charger

The main benefit of a magnetic phone charging cable is how hassle-free it makes plugging into your phone’s charging port.

Typically, you keep your charging adapter plugged into your smartphone charging port, and when you want to charge your phone, you have to connect the cable into the charging port.

However, with a magnetic phone charging cable, you don’t have to struggle with charging anymore. All you have to do is move the end of your phone closer to the charging cable, and the magnetism will connect your phone and automatically start charging.

With only one hand you can charge your iPhone or Android phone, and this makes it a perfect product for people that drive a lot, or simply want a little more convenience in their life.

Most magnetic charging cables also feature a special flip USB connector which makes it convenient to transfer data or charge.

Micro USB vs. Lightning vs. Type-C Connectors

As with standard phone chargers, magnetic chargers are sold with different attachments. While it’s great to have options, the right magnetic cable depends on your phone model and charging port.

Many chargers, such as the NetDot Phone Charger, come with multiple connectors – great for people that need a charger for multiple devices.

Micro USB Connectors: These connectors are similar to standard USB connectors, but smaller. However, their functionality and use are the same.

Lightning Connectors: The attachments in this category are specifically designed for use with Apple phones, tablets, and computers. If you have an iPhone, these are for you.

Type-C Connectors: Similar to standard and micro USB connectors, type-C connectors work in either direction; meaning that there is no right side up, you can plug these into your phone in either direction.

Features to Consider When Buying Magnetic Phone Charging Cables

Cord Length

When switching from a standard phone charger to a magnetic phone charger, a major consideration is what length cord you should buy.

What do you need the charger for? Do you need a charger for car? Charger for office? Or charger for your nightstand?

Our suggestion is to measure your current phone charger cable. Sometimes we don’t realize the size of things that we deal with on a day-to-day basis.


Be on the lookout for low quality products. Unfortunately, some of the most affordable magnetic phone chargers are made with inferior materials.

The chargers that we’ve shown you above have been proven to be of high-quality construction and have passed thousands of consumer reviews.

LED Light Indicator

While not the most important feature in a phone charger, an LED light indicator is useful for checking your charging status without having to open your device. The best magnetic charging cables include LED lights, so while they are not a necessity, they are nice to have, and you won’t have to search hard to find one.

The End of Fiddling With Phone Chargers

Is a magnetic phone charger going to change your life? Unlikely. But will you be glad when you go to plug in your phone in the middle of the night and don’t have to mess around finding the “right” way for the cable to connect? Definitely yes. It also doesn’t hurt when trying to charge your phone while driving. In that case, it may actually change your life as you won’t crash your car!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at contact@homegenerosity.com. We love to hear from our readers.

Happy charging!

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