Levoit Air Purifier vs Honeywell Air Purifier | Which Is Better?

comparison between honeywell HPA300 and levoit LV-PUR131

Improve your health with an air purifier for your home.

And not just any air purifier, but one of the two best affordable air purifiers on the market: the Levoit and Honeywell.

Indoor air quality can be worse than outside. That may seem strange with all the pollutants that are shed into our air daily, but when you think about it, you will begin to see why that statement is so true.

LEVOIT Air Purifiers for Home Large Room with 3 Stage...
Honeywell HPA300 HEPA Air Purifier for Extra Large...
LEVOIT Air Purifiers for Home Large Room with 3 Stage...
Honeywell HPA300 HEPA Air Purifier for Extra Large...
LEVOIT Air Purifiers for Home Large Room with 3 Stage...
LEVOIT Air Purifiers for Home Large Room with 3 Stage...
Honeywell HPA300 HEPA Air Purifier for Extra Large...
Honeywell HPA300 HEPA Air Purifier for Extra Large...

You live in an enclosed space with not only the air from outside but the recycled air you expel, dander (pets, we’re looking at you), pollen, and a host of other unseen particles that combine together to make the air you breathe inside your four walls more allergen and pollutant rich than outdoors.

That is why purchases of home air drivers and purifiers have been on the upswing of late.

honeywell air purifier vs levoit air purifier

An air purifier is used to pull all those unwanted things out of the air which results in a host of health benefits (which we will discuss later in this review).

In this review, we will be comparing two of the best air purifiers on the market today in the hopes that we will help you figure out which one will work for you, your home, and your air quality needs.

The best way to do that is to look at the features you should consider when purchasing an air purifier and break down the differences.

So, breathe deep and let’s get started!

Product Overview

Levoit LV-PUR131

This compact designed air purifier from Levoit has some great features.

The Levoit Air Purifier runs quieter than most models. The gentle sound of the Levoit registers at only 27dB, and will provide the effect of a white noise machine which will help you to sleep.

The Levoit Air Purifier uses budget-friendly HEPA filters designed specifically for their air purifiers. Speaking of filters, there is an indicator crafted into the design to make sure that you will never forget that it is time to change the filter.

This model has some other great features that help it to be more energy efficient, such as a built-in timer, that allows you to program the amount of time you want your air purifier to run.

Another great feature is the 3-speed fan. This fan continuously cycles as needed or you can be set to manual mode.

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Honeywell HPA300

best air purifier for basement

The Honeywell HPA300 with a true HEPA filter has very few extra frills, but the ones it does have are the features you look for when considering which is the best air purifier for your home.

The Honeywell Air Purifier is fitted with a programmable shut off, as well as the capability to dim or turn off the LED filter indicator lights. These features both serve to help with better sleep and energy efficiency.

A great feature that we love about the Honeywell is that it is powerful enough to easily purify the air of a 465+ square feet room.

Also, if you’re looking for the quietest air purifier, Honeywell ranks among the very best.

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Features to Consider Between Levoit & Honeywell

When you are looking to help you or your family’s breathing or allergies, you want the best air purifier.

There are certain features to consider when making your decision.

Below we have divided those features into four points and will compare and review the Levoit Air Purifier with the Honeywell Air Purifier:

  • Effectiveness
  • Coverage
  • Warranty
  • Price


Some air purifier models use the UV-C light and anion purification techniques to achieve the desired goal of clean air to breath, but this has been proven to potentially build up an ozone pollutant shell.

However, with the Levoit LV-Pur131, you will not have that problem. The construction and methods used by Levoit to clean your air will leave your home ozone free.

As for the efficiency, the Levoit cycles the air 4.5x an hour. It also uses an activated carbon HEPA filter and a three-phase filtration system which helps boost the overall efficiency and speed of purification (up to 30% higher than some of its competitors).

The Honeywell, on the other hand, has been shown to capture almost 100% of home allergens. The Honeywell HPA300 works to trap particles as small as .3 micron, which makes it highly efficient.

Also, the Honeywell recycles and purifies the air in any given room up to 5x an hour.

Our Winner: Honeywell

The Honeywell gets our vote as the most effective air purifier. While the Levoit is fantastic at pulling allergens out of your home’s air, the Honeywell cycles more air per hour and captures nearly 100% of all allergens.


powerful air purifier

The Levoit LV-PUR131, though branded as effective for a 360 sq. ft. room, reaches its optimal efficiency at around 320 sq.ft.

This is more than enough for small rooms like bedrooms or your home office, and is sufficient for a living room air purifier, depending on your home’s size. However, if you are looking for an air purifier for a larger room, such as a basement or open floor plan living space, this model may not do the trick for you.

The Honeywell HPA300 is an air purifier perfectly suited for a 465 sq.ft. room.

This makes the Honeywell one of the best air purifiers for large family rooms, living rooms, or commercial spaces like small offices.

Winner: Honeywell

When it comes to square footage, the Honeywell has a slight edge, and wins this category.


The Levoit LV-PUR131 comes with the standard one-year warranty, but can be extended another year by registering with Levoit.

The Honeywell HPA300 comes with a fantastic warranty. The warranty is a five-year warranty and shows that Honeywell truly stands behind their product and is there for its customers.

Winner: Honeywell

Honeywell wins out with its five year warranty compared to Levoit’s one year.


cheap air purifier for bedroom

Price matters. 

As with any appliance, air purifiers have a wide price range based on name brand and features.

The Levoit and Honeywell air purifiers both are high-quality, affordable options.

The Levoit Air Purifier is one of the most affordable, most efficient units. Running costs and upkeep costs are extremely low as its replacement filters are quite budget-friendly.

The Honeywell is slightly on the pricier end of the spectrum.

However, it’s price is competitive with the Levoit and similarly equipped air purifiers. The filters for the Honeywell do cost more, but need to be changed less frequently than other models.

Winner: Levoit

While it’s not an earth shattering difference, the Levoit is a cheaper option than the Honeywell. If you’re looking to save some coin, Levoit is the better option.

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Real Reviews from HomeGenerosity Readers

We asked members of our mailing list for their own personal experiences with the Levoit and Honeywell Air Purifiers:


“We had been looking online for an air purifier for a while, and I was starting to doubt whether an air purifier was worth the money. Definitely glad we found the Levoit. The reviews were good and the price was reasonable. We’ve had it for a week now and it’s awesome!”

“I tried using an air purifier a few years ago but it was so loud that I had to get rid of it. My sister also has one of the more expensive ones and this one is by far the quietest air purifier I’ve heard.”

“I just moved in with my smoker boyfriend (yuck!)…my throat was feeling terrible after 3 days of it so I bought this air purifier. Our apartment is open concept so I was worried that it wouldn’t work as well but after 10 minutes running the cigarette smell was gone and my throat felt better.”


“My house has three cats and two caged birds. I love my fur babies but my allergies do not. I looked at buying an air purifier and found the Honeywell. Money well spent. My eyes stopped itching and it smells a lot better.”

“Ready to go out of the box. Super easy.”

“To be honest I bought this air purifier because I had heard of Honeywell before. Glad I did! It purifiers my entire downstairs and doesn’t keep the baby up.”

levoit air purifier vs honeywell air purifier reviews

Final Verdict – The Best Air Purifier

So now we have looked at the breakdown of how each of these models fare as to four of the most important air purifier features.

Now, let’s go big picture and compare the two models so that we can reach our final verdict.

Levoit: High-Quality at a Low Price

This model is one of the best options for an individual room or someone looking for a more budget-minded option. It’s not a top of the line model, but by no means is it merely a cheap option.

There are, however, a few issues that have been noted by reviewers.

A few users have noted issues with the motor becoming extremely hot after extended use. Also, even though the Levoit’s filters are cheaper than other models, you will have to change them more often.

So, cost analysis combined with efficiency says that this is a good choice if you are dealing with smaller rooms and fewer allergens.


  • Compact and durable design
  • Quiet operation
  • Great price


  • Average warranty length
  • Recommended for rooms up to only 360 square feet

Honeywell: Bang for the Buck

The Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier is a very solid all around option.

It covers a larger space than the Levoit and consistently garners praise from reviewers for its efficiency.

We love it because it packs quite a punch for not a huge price tag.

Reviewers have noted, however, that the Honeywell is louder than other options, and could be a problem if you are using it in the bedroom. Whether it is right for your bedroom entirely depends on whether you can tolerate background noise while sleeping.


  • High-efficiency filtration
  • Great for larger rooms
  • Space saving design
  • Low upkeep costs


  • Portability
  • Noise levels

Overall, the two air purifiers are similar in terms of efficiency.

While the Honeywell bests the Levoit in terms of coverage, the Levoit delivers a fantastic combination of price and noise levels.

The Levoit LV-PUR1313 is a slimmer design that bests the Honeywell when it comes to quiet operation. In fact, the Levoit, despite its low price, is one of the quietest air purifiers on the market.

While it lacks Honeywell’s power, it works well in most rooms and comes close enough to Honeywell’s efficiency to not make a noticeable difference.

Both air purifiers are great options for your home. However, we give the Levoit a slight edge over the Honeywell.

Benefits of Using an Air Purifier

With the clear winner chosen, we thought you may be thinking to yourself, why do I need an air purifier?

There are some great benefits from including an air purifier in your home. Here are just a few:

● Helps with allergies
● Eliminates allergens & pollutants
● Reduces home odors
● Cleans air and soft surfaces
● Helps improve sleep quality
● Helps with productivity

By eliminating allergens and pollutants from the air you will feel healthier and be more productive.

You and your family will also suffer fewer flare-ups of allergies and even asthma.

An air purifier brings so much to the table that if you are looking for one piece of equipment that can improve your life, health and well-being, this just might be the ticket.

Air Purifier FAQs

When dealing with any kind of new tech there are always questions that need to be answered.

We’ve put together a list for you of the most common questions we’ve received from our readers about air purifiers.

What filter should I use for my air purifier?

This really depends on what your air purifier’s standards are, but there are three types of filter:

● HEPA: This stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air and these tend to remove the most microns of particles.
● Carbon: This filter takes activated carbon and uses it to help remove smells and other irritants from the air in your home.
● Pre-filters: This is a filter that gets the large stuff out before it gets to the main filter. With units that have this, you will find that they have a longer life and better efficiency.

Honestly, a lot of the more efficient and high performing models utilize all three. Just make sure that you check which filters to use in your manual as some companies only work with their own proprietary products.

Where is the best spot to place my air purifier?

There are a few things to think about with this question. Let’s start with which room? This is based on your need.

Most people, however, tend to use an air purifier in their bedrooms so that they can benefit from better air quality by sleeping better.

For those with serious allergies, it is ideal to purchase multiple air purifiers to be placed around the house. If the cost is prohibitive, find a portable air purifier like the Levoit.

The other aspect of this question is where in the room is the best place?

This too is really ultimately about your personal preference. Depending on the size of the model, you might want to find a place that has sufficient airflow and is a little out of the way so that you don’t find you or your family tripping over the air purifier.

How do I know I need an air purifier?

Most homes suffer from a build-up of allergens and pollutants, so it is never a bad idea to have an air purifier.

This is especially true if you have respiratory issues, severe allergies, or any other number of health issues. If you really want the numbers, there are many apps available that will monitor the allergen particles in your air. You may want to download one and do a test before you pull the trigger on buying an air purifier.

Is it bad if I don’t change the air filter when the light comes on?

The short answer to this question is yes.

Not changing your air purifier’s air filter will reduce its effectiveness. With a dirty filter, the machine will not be able to capture as many particles, which leads to poor air quality.

It is best to simply change the filter when the indicator light comes on and save yourself the headache (literally).

The Final Word on Air Purifiers

Knowing and understanding how an air purifier works and why you need it is vital to your overall decision to spend your hard earned money on a new air purifier.

We hope that with the information and reviews we have provided, that you feel ready to make the right choice for you and your family.


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