How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

How to Make Your Home More Eco-FriendlyAs we all know that our home planet is getting warm day by day and it is quite alarming that we are not doing much to reverse the situation. The question arises here is that how we can contribute to this individually and as a family. The answer is not somewhat simpler but it is satisfactory, we can make our home a green home to make sure that the emissions from our home should be as low as minimum. There are many things which you can do to make this happen, let’s see what are they.

Look at your light bulbs first

Are you still using any sort of old bulbs which were invented in the beginning of the industrial revolution? If your reply is in yes then it is the time to change them as they are consuming a lot of more energy. You have to change them to the LEDs as they don’t only consume less energy and that is good for the environment but that will also help you in lowering the budget. It will take some initial amount but eventually that is going to help you in longer run.

Be advanced

Well there is nothing wrong in using the technology and if technology can save your energy bill so what else you need. There is programmable thermostat which could be operated at your home so that the temperature could be set according to the time of the day. It will make sure that when to rise the temperature of your AC. Not only this but programmable thermostat could also turn on or off your AC and other appliances which don’t need continuous operation when you are away from home.

Time to check out your home structure

Sometimes there are little things that can bring so much positive change. Like stopping the air leakage in your home could give you the advantage of saving the energy. If air is leaking from your home it will not only be bad for your energy bill but also not good for the performance of the appliances. Like your AC might not be giving you enough cool air and the reason could just be the leakages in your home. So try to spot the places where you think there may be some sort of leakages and when identified make sure that it should be maintained.

Change you need

In order to make your home totally eco-friendly you will have to make changes a lot as it requires right determination. You need to have a good look at what sort of appliances you are using like are they outdated? Or old enough? As the old appliances were not made that much energy efficient as compared to the appliances right now being sold. If there are plenty of old model appliances the you will have to replace them with the new ones. This step will also give you an advantage in terms of lower energy bills.

Save the most precious thing

Without any doubt water is the most precious thing and we are facing the grave problems regarding water shortage. You need to save the water as much as you can and there are ways. First of all check out the pressure of all your washroom showers and keep them at low level. Making artificial pond in your home where the savage water could be stored can also help in maintaining the underground water level, as it works like a natural filter.

Time to switch to the green power

This is the point most of the people try to avoid because they think it is costly and requires a lot of time to do. This is only the perception as it has nothing to do with the reality. Changing from regular energy to green power is as simple as piece of a cake. We are not talking about placing solar panels in your home instead you can pay extra surcharge and you will get green power instead of the other form of power. So it does not take that much time to shift to the green power.

Make sure to use Sun wisely

We all know that Sun is the home of all sort of energy and the most crucial one is the sunlight which is everywhere and sustainable too. In the beginning let’s say decade ago the solar energy was not that much efficient and it was also costing much and that was the reason behind its slow progress. But right now good news is that solar panels are not only efficient enough but they are also giving you the cost effective solutions. Prior to converting your home to solar energy you must contact more than one vendor to compare their prices.

Plant Trees

This is the most important duty of every single individual right now to plant trees as much as we can. There is nothing more friendly than a neighborhood of trees and plants. It does not take much to pant a tree rather it only takes the determination. This will eventually help you as you will be the direct beneficiary of clean air. Give a day in your month’s schedule to plantation derive and make sure that you talk about this with your friends and engage them as well.

Try to dump scientifically

It is proved that all the waste which we throw out emit greenhouse gases and that is the reason why you should not throw your wastes like this. There are ways right now through which you can make sure that your wase is not adding more greenhouse gases into the environment and causing problems.

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