How To Make Your Bathroom Smell Better | Quick Guide

how to make my bathroom smell better

By its very nature, a bathroom is where we relegate our home’s worst smells.

That doesn’t mean though that it has to constantly smell bad for you, and even worse, your guests.

We’ve found several smell stopping ideas to help you make your bathroom a more tolerable place to be.


Having company over tonight?

Or desperate to mask a particularly overwhelming smell?

Try these smell bandaids.

Air Fresheners

ways to reduce bathroom smells

Maintaining a fresh smelling bathroom can be difficult. A little help from an automated air freshener can make your job much easier.

While it won’t entirely make up for a dirty bathroom (regular cleaning is still necessary!), an automatic air freshener can fill the gaps and add that extra little something to your bathroom.

The caveat with automatic air fresheners is that they essentially are cover up, and not a natural way to keep your bathroom smelling good. However, they are a nice touch that guests will appreciate.

Essential Oils

We know, we know…opinions on essential oils are divided.

There’s no denying though that essential oils are a natural way to freshen a room’s scent.

If you have space and an outlet, try plugging in a diffuser.

Don’t have a diffuser? Don’t worry.

Simply place a drop of your favorite smelling essential oil inside the toilet paper roll.

It’s discrete and, next to the toilet, a great location to stop smells at their source.

Fresh Flowers

Not as potent, but a lot more natural, try adding fresh cut flowers to your bathroom.

A vase of flowers is both aesthetically and aromatically pleasing.

Flowers won’t be able to cover up more significant smells, but will do a nice job of serving as your bathroom’s finishing touch.


How and how often you clean your bathroom makes all the difference when it comes to its smell.

We’re sure you know the basics so we won’t rehash the essentials.

Address Moisture

Moisture in your bathroom can lead to the development of mold and bacteria – guaranteed to make your bathroom smell bad.

Prevent foul smelling mold and bacteria by cleaning up moisture as it happens; towel off the shower and sink after use, and wipe up any water left on the floor.

To get ahead of the problem, use an absorbent bathroom floor mat to prevent water from getting on the floor.

To truly defeat excess bathroom moisture, try a small humidifier.

If you hang your wet towels to use later, or have bathmats that don’t entirely dry out, a small humidifier is a great way to get your bathroom smelling fresh and totally not musty.

Clean the Cracks

stop toilet smells by cleaning underneath toilet seat

You already know how to clean the shower, sink, and toilet.

Before you finish though, think of all the hidden nooks and crannies in your bathroom.

Clean underneath of the bath and sink faucets. Clorox wipe behind the toilet and try taking off the toilet seat to clean around the fittings for a super thorough cleaning.

Toilet Tank

One of our readers recently told us about a quick trick to clean the toilet that we never heard about before.

Try taking off the top of your toilet’s water tank and pouring in a cup of vinegar.

Flush several times and voila your toilet is cleaner than ever (just make sure not to leave any vinegar in the tank).

Clean the Drain

While out of sight, what’s living down in your drain can cause some serious stink.

Use a drain cleaner to get rid of the gunk that’s causing the smell.

If you’re looking for a more natural option, mix baking soda and water to help clean the wife’s hair out.


When it comes to a fresh smelling bathroom, moisture is our biggest enemy.

While moisture absorbent bathmats and small humidifiers are helpful, to truly combat built-up moisture, you need proper ventilation.

Ventilation is the best way how to make your bathroom smell better.

install bathroom fan to stop moisture

Problems From Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation leads to the build up of moisture, and moisture creates problems, including:

  • Odors
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Splits and cracks in molding
  • Chipping in paint
  • Peeling wallpaper

Allow Moisture to Escape

If lingering moisture creates problems, let’s get rid of it!

There are two main methods: a bathroom window and bathroom fan.

Obviously, these two methods aren’t the cheapest or easiest to implement.

If you have a window or exhaust fan, use it regularly.

Most towns will require a window or fan in the bathroom. While adding a bathroom fan may not be the cheapest home improvement project, it will act to prevent larger problems down the road.

Today, you can install a bathroom fan that includes a timer, saving you energy while keeping your bathroom smelling good.

If you already have a bathroom fan, adding a timer isn’t an overly difficult project for the DIYer.

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