How Our Homes May Be Like In 3000 Century?

How Our Homes May Be Like In 3000 Century

How Our Homes May Be Like In 3000 CenturyIt’s a common human nature of wondering about future and regretting over past. Human beings have curios nature and they want to know what is next. What will be happening tomorrow or what’s coming up next are their favorite type of questions. This curiosity of human nature gave birth to a huge topic, named fortune telling or future forecasting. By the growth of technologies and science, forecasting has also become a subject of study. New and proper methods are being designed for predicting the future. It is more reliable now. The forecasting of today’s era is based upon mathematics and numbers. But from now these predictions are more about technology adoption and advancements. Many predictions of past has been proving right, so we can say 90% of these are also going to be true in future.

Just wait and watch what’s coming up your way. Just stay tuned to wonder!

Forecasting the Future

In the past century, fortune tellers and forecasters made a lot of predictions in the light of their knowledge and techniques about the future, meanwhile present era of today. Many of them told it would be a great time to live in, many said it would be the worst. Reading their predictions is quite funny and amusing because now, we can see where the world is standing today and what they talked about. But no doubt many of the previous predictions are being true today, luckily or by chance. And some are still a mystery. As discussed in a famous science fiction written by H.G Wells, he said in his novel in 1933 that human beings would be living in air dictatorship. He may tried to say it would be a time ruled by air power, who knows what was in his mind and what he calculated from his forecasting.

Some of the predictors wrote books or articles over it and some made paintings and illustrations of future. Most of them proved to be right and now the technologists are wondering what is coming next and how they can bring more change and advancement. Now new reports are coming with new suggestions, ideas and predictions. Some people says these are not forecasting, basically these forecasts play major role in development of new technologies and generating new ideas. According to a recent report published by the leading technology company, Samsung, the coming century would have remarkable changes in homes, utilities etc. As population is increasing, the number of people we have the more conflicts would come. To solve this issue the house holds must have some extra space to manage all things at once. In this way we can help people from staying away from societal conflicts too.

There would be systems with proper programming of managing our daily routine. Such apps and software would help to maintain the system and sequence. Internal home spaces would change according to requirement, no hindrance of moving furniture could stop you to live the way you want to. Imagine the walls of your house are malleable as human skin, easily reshape able. You can mold or remove them. And moreover, imagine a smart house; you could control the whole house with a remote or an app on your phone. If you are far away and you have to keep an eye on the maintenance of home, you could easily do that too. Everything would be so easy, approachable and comforting. People have been using music apps which run according to their mood, but now they would be able to live in a house that runs according to their mood, lights, decoration everything could be change by the change of your single stimulating action.

The entire home would have LED implanted on it, you can watch TV, check email, do internet surfing anytime and anywhere you want in your house. Even the furniture would also be adaptable, moldable according to the size. The whole programmed house would never let your things to be misplaced. If you are having difficulty in finding something just put your query in the finding box, and there is the result where is the lost thing. You would be able to change the colors of walls, basically which is now paint but in a house built upon technology you could change it instantly. Everything would be done like magic. The coming era would be magical.

Even if there is shortage of space, make new shelves from your online system. It will be a completely new era of technology’s advancement. Every home will come with a 3D printer installed. Those 3D printers will be bringing out whatever you want to. It would also be able to print food items and eatables. You can make whatever recipe you want, just insert the information in the machine. It may have programmed recipes from all famous chefs.

Medication through these programmed houses will become way too much easy. You just walk through a medical pod and there is your health report with medical suggestions and list of medicine or supplements you need to take. Furthermore, they say that it may have an in built surgery room, where you can get surgery anytime in your house with robotic machinery.

These houses are going to make you shocked, IT experts further said they will implant systems of automatic repairing, no scratches or marks on any surface, all neat and clean every time. The garbage and waste would be managed by bacterial waste management programs. You will dispose off garbage and waste in a tank filled with anaerobic bacteria and they will quickly decompose everything and there would be no remainings. Soon the houses will be self-immunized, programmed, solar energy, independent, energized, sensory systems and with closed metabolism.


The coming century is no doubt going to be marvelous. Even thinking of those advanced technologies and work makes everyone excited; experiencing them would be really great. Fully equipped and programmed houses are going to bring an evolutionary change in life of human beings, norms are going to be advanced.

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