10 Easy Ways to Keep Energy Costs Down

Easy Ways to Keep Energy Costs Down

Easy Ways to Keep Energy Costs DownNo matter how generous you are but there is some point when you start worrying about utility bills and that specially happens in summers or maybe in winters as well. And at that moment you want to find out some magical way to cut down all those expenses and try to save some money for rainy days. Well right now you are going to read quite useful ways (10 ways to be more precise) which will surely help you out in saving that precious money for you. Let’s start reading.

1. There are little things which we just overlook and these are actually important things. Like setting the right temperature on thermostat can save you some bucks and all you have to do is to make sure it is being operated on 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The study conducted on this shows that most of the thermostats are set on 140 degrees but they only need 120 degrees to operate smoothly (mind you that 120 degree rule is not valid for all the thermostats) as there could be some other appliances which specifically need 140 degrees. So you must keep this thing in mind as well as that could save you up to 10 percent of the bill.

2. Things like leaky tap or a pipe could also cost you few extra bucks and tens of bucks in the end of the year. So you really need to have a great look at your water meter whenever you want to check it out whether there is some leakage in your system or not. Remember you need electricity to pump up the water into the tank so if you save water you save electric energy and the money in return.

3. There are things which you can change in your daily lifestyle so that could give you the boost in saving the electric bill. One of those things is to always go for less expensive energy whenever you are in a position to make a choice in between. Like if you want to cook something and you have a stove and a microwave then of course you should try to make use of stove. Why because it costs less in stove then a microwave. A similar choice can be made while comparing between microwave and an oven, the later one consumes more energy for sure.

Easy Ways to Keep Energy Costs Down4. Apart of any fast and hard rule there are simple things as well which can really help you out in saving the precious money . Like changing the routine can help you in not only saving the bill but also do good for your neighbors and the local grid. Consuming the energy in evening may give you the best efficiency as this is the time where not so many people are consuming. One more important point here is that you should also prefer doing anything by your hands if you have a choice.

5. Air filter is the most important thing in your air conditioner or any other appliance carrying air filter. As a malfunctioned air filter does not only produce bad results but it also takes longer than usual to do the task. Let’s say if your AC cools down the surrounding in 30 minutes, that same air conditioner will do the same cooling in 45 minutes. And in the mean time you have consumed 50 percent more energy on that task. So it is always a standard practice to check out air filters on regular basis and make sure that they are in the perfect shape.

6. Believe me or not there are things like self awareness in order to cut down your electric bill and keeping vigilant eye on your ceiling fans could be one of them. Ceiling fans are not there to be constantly running when there is no use of them. So make a habit of turning off the ceiling fan whenever leaving the home or room, parents should teach them to their children as it is quite useful.

7. There is another rule as you want to keep a cut on you electric bill and it is actually going to test your ability of compromise. You need not to turn on the air conditioner every time when you can still survive without it. A comparison between air conditioner and electric fan in terms of energy consumption is quite alarming. As 10 simple electric fans together become an equivalent of an AC and you don’t need to be a scientist to calculate all the wattage ratings given on your appliances.

8. Like we mentioned in our very first point the temperature of your thermostat decides how much energy is being consumed. In exactly the same manner the temperature of your refrigerator and air conditioner consume more energy when you operate these appliances on less temperature. You need to have a permanency check on the temperature rating of your appliances as the weather changes or you can also change on day night basis.

9. Keeping an appliance in a good shape is also an important task as we people do not take much time for dusting or cleaning the back of refrigerator or service air conditioner. In return these appliances are working harder to give you the desired results and then again your electric bill will have more rating in the end of the month.

10. Well this one is truly going to benefit you in a longer run. We are talking about planting trees in your surroundings as they will grow to give you the cooling shade which will eventually decrease your home temperature. You can chose the type of tree according to the growth rate or for your personal liking but planting a tree is not only good for you but as a whole it is very productive for our planet earth.

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