Best Way To Organize Men’s Shoes | Quick Guide

tips to organize men's shoes

Men have shoes too – sometimes a lot of them.

Even if you’re not “into” shoes, think about the variety of shoes you need for your life as a modern man: sneakers, sandals, boots, dress shoes (black and brown!).

So what do you do with all of them?

While there isn’t a single best way to organize men’s shoes, we’ve put together a handful of our favorite methods and tips.

storage ideas for men's sneakers


Any men’s shoe organization idea lives and dies by your willingness to stick with it.

Creating categories for your shoes will go a long way to ensure that you don’t ditch your new system.

Start by creating 3 general groups:

  • Shoes you wear nearly every week
  • Shoes you wear semi-regularly
  • Shoes you wear only on special occasions

Then, drill down deeper by creating groups within the groups.

For example, make a group of sneakers that go within your regular category, and a group of dress shoes within your semi-regular group.

The idea is to stop yourself from scrambling through a hodgepodge pile of random shoes when it comes time to find a certain pair of shoes. If you can keep your shoes in groups, you’ll be more likely to stick with your new organization method.


Do you have a space in your closet to store your shoes?

And we don’t mean on the closet floor.

For shoes that you wear frequently, try an open storage solution. Open cube organizers are a great way to keep your shoes organized and on display.

For shoes that you don’t wear so much, you can maximize your storage space by using stackable bins; try clear plastic bins or shoe boxes (as long as you label them!).

Another popular option is an over the door shoe organizer. It allows you to utilize your vertical space and is super helpful if your’e a sneaker head and need the extra room.

Looking for something unique?

Try hanging up your shoes with S-hooks, and put the wall in the back of your closet to use.


When the winter goes, so can the snow boots.

Move out of season shoes into the garage or storage.

Grab yourself several clear storage boxes and separate your out of season shoes by category.

With all those sandals and boat shoes out of the way, you have more room for new shoes (just don’t tell your significant other!).


A huge boost to being able to organize your shoes is creating more room for your shoes!

A good way to do that? Try creating a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a minimalistic wardrobe composed of pieces that are extremely versatile.

As a result, instead of having over 100 pieces of clothing, you have 37 that perform the same tasks.


If you’re going to be rotating your shoes based on seasons, you may want to grab a shoe horn (or sometimes called a shoe tree) to help long term storage.

tips to organize men's shoes

It’s recommended that shoes not worn for a week have a shoe horn to help retain their structure.

While you can get by without using a shoe horn for every pair of shoes, buy a few for your favorite pairs of leather and suede shoes.


Proper shoe storage will not only extend the life of your shoes, but will go a long way to give you a peace of mind.

While there isn’t one single best way to organize men’s shoes, we hope that our guide has given you a few ideas, or at least inspired you to begin to organize your shoes.

If you have any questions, or have a nugget of wisdom that has worked for you, please e-mail us at [email protected].

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