6 Best Tripod Floor Lamp Reviews

Best Tripod Floor Lamp

Tripod Floor Lamp

Best Tripod Floor Lamp There is nothing more important than suitable “lighting” around you because recent studies have shown that your mood and effectiveness all depend on sort of lighting. That said now you should buy a tripod floor lamp because of number of reasons. First of all these tripod floor lamps tend to give you the warmer ambient light which you will not get otherwise, other things include its height where it can give coverage to large area. Tripod floor lamp is like an extension to the side lamp but they are not the same thing for sure. With so many different varieties available out there you will feel the heat once you decided to buy the lamp. For your convenience we have managed to gather reviews of 7 best tripod floor lamps for you right below;

6 of the Best Tripod Floor Lamps

1. Ore International 31181IV Three Legged Floor Lamp

Best Tripod Floor Lamp If you love simplicity with some elegance then try this one “the Ore International 31181IV Three Legged Floor Lamp” in multiple colors is really a good one. This is a sort of lamp you would love to bring in your living room because of its style and lighting. Its three legs are made up of metal chrome which makes it highly stable and reliable too. You can clean this lamp with a damp cloth and it is very much easy. This lamp can be operated at maximum 120volts and you can also switch the bulb of different wattage, all said this is really a good one for sure.

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2. Adesso 6424-01 Director Floor Lamp

Best Tripod Floor Lamp Do you have some extra bucks to spend on your lamp? If yes then you have come to the right place as this lamp is worth spending your money. The “Adesso 6424-01 director Floor Lamp” available in multiple colors and sizes too. This is the sort of modern lamp and it has got matte black finish. This lamp gives big black poly drum shade which looks amazing. The shade dimensions for this lamp go like this 12in high and 20in in diameter. You will have to buy a bulb separately which is 150 watt and it is not included in the package.

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3. Catalina 19305-000 3-Way 58-inch Étagère Floor Lamp

Best Tripod Floor Lamp This is something unique four legs floor tripod lamp with great style and quality, the “Catalina 19305-000 Etagere Floor Lamp, Painted Iron Distressed” available in a reasonable price. This has unique style because of its shelved body and not only this but the distressed iron painted finish it just looks amazing. You can place it in your living room and it covers good area as height of the lamp is around 58in with 14in in width. This can be operated with 3 way 150 watt incandescent bulb or spiral bulb (not included in the package). Good thing about this lamp is that it is UL listed and approved, not to forget that you will also enjoy 1 year limited warranty with this.

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4. Ore International 31181IV Three Legged Floor Lamp

Best Tripod Floor Lamp Another high quality product by Ore the “Ore International 31181IV Three Legged Floor Lamp” available in multiple colors and it is not even that much expensive too. If you want good lighting in your room then you should buy this as it is not only stylish but also makes sure that you feel comfortable in its light. With 3 metal chrome legs you will get the maximum stability and reliability as well. White shade of this lamp has been made up of fabric and you can clean it with a damp cloth. Shade of this is around 16in in diameter, you will have rotary switch in this.

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5. SH Lighting 31181bk Tripod Floor Lamp

Best Tripod Floor Lamp You won’t find such style with this quality this is the “SH Lighting 31181bk Tripod Floor lamp, 59in height” and it is available in black color with its legs made up of metal chrome. There is nothing to worry about its quality as it has been made up with elegant brush steel which lasts longer. One more thing is that it also includes black linen shade in it which looks really amazing. This is a UL listed product so you should be satisfied with the quality of this. You just have to put one standard type A light bulb in it which is not included in the package.

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6. Brightech – Emma Tripod Floor Lamp – Classic Design

Best Tripod Floor Lamp Yet another high quality tripod floor lamp the “Brightech- Emma Tripod Floor Lamp- Classical Design for Contemporary or Traditional Living Rooms” and it has to offer you so many great things as well. There will be ambient light from this lamp which will give you comfort right after your busy day. Design of this lamp has fulfilled all the requirements for the modern lamp. With wrap around cylindrical shade this will surely give you another piece of decoration at your home. You don’t need to worry about its connection as it has got longer cord than usual. Not to forget that it has also got 3 years of warranty with it.

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Tripod Floor Lamps to Light Your Home

You just need to check out the height and the length of the cord prior to buying tripod lamp. Things like which bulb you have to insert and what will be the coverage area should also be your concern. Provided that most of the tripod floor lamps are made up of high quality material and they last for long, this is a good thing to have indeed. A quality lamp adds a certain ambiance to a home that can’t be matched.

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