Best Sources of Water

Best Sources of Water

Best Sources of WaterWhere there is water there is life and the importance of water cannot be better emphasized than the above mentioned phrase. We as a human being need certain amount of water quantity in our body to operate normally and if that threshold is not maintained then you know it as dehydration. And adult human body is 70 to 80 percent water and as we age actually water content gets lower and that is the reason skin of old people gets wrinkled. Not to forget that water itself is not the only source “water content” which you need in order to remain healthy but there are so many other nutrients as well be it fruits or vegetables. So you need to take as much water as you can and shortly we are going to discuss some of the best sources which would surely help you out in finding the perfect water rich diet.

Best Sources of Water

We will discuss some of the sources which contain more water content and you should take it on daily basis if you want to be properly hydrated. In the top of the list let’s talk about fruits and vegetables; watermelon is the most water rich thing you can find in nature as it contains 97 percent of water. You will actually feel thirst free after eating watermelon and that shows how much water it contains it is like as if you are drinking water. Lettuce is another thing that contains high water and to be more precise it actually has 96% water in it. Consuming it could have great results on your overall diet plan. Another very common thing which we overlook at times is that cucumbers also possess good sort of water content in them and it is also higher than 90 percent.

You need to be more focused on fruits and vegetables if you really want to remain healthy and hydrated. Keeping this in view it can be said that at times we often do not take vegetables and if there is cucumber out there then you must think about it as a good source of water. Cucumber actually contains 96 percent of water in it and using it on regular basis will affect your health in positive way. Other natural existing fruits and vegetables with high water content are tomatoes, strawberries, apples, grapes, oranges these are all sources which contain nearly 90 percent of water in them and you should make them part of your diet.

You also need to know about the food which contains very low quantity of water so might get a clear picture while discussing a diet plan with your physician. Potato chips is very common nowadays and it has been examined that water content in potato chips is no more than 3 percent. So you better keep an eye on consuming too much potato chips next time. Pop corn is also very common but it has also less quantity of water in it (only 9 percent actually). Other things like rice cakes, toast and corn flakes are some of the items which contain less than 10 percent of water.

Having said that now you should have a clear picture about the diet you are consuming as far as water content is concerned and you better be focused on rich water content food to remain healthy. If you have skin problems then you need to make sure that diet you take should mainly be consisted of fruits and vegetables containing large amount of water.

Think about distilled water!!!

Apart from anything you take in order to meet your water requirement in your body still you will have to depend on water itself. But water should be clean and it has become very much difficult nowadays to find out the pure and clean water. Distilled water can be the alternate option if you are having troubles finding pure water. Actually water distiller can be used to get pure water. This water distiller purifies the water from all kind of pollution exactly in the same manner as it is done through rain. Advantage of using water distiller at your home is that you will have pure water available all the time but there is one problem in that as it is not that much cheap right now. One more important thing to pen down here that do not store distilled or any other form of water in plastic bottles, as the plastic itself contaminates water and you will again have polluted water.

“Rain or Spring water”

Rain is the direct source of water and most of the quantity of the water poured down in the form of rain is used. There are some areas where this water is stored in the form of spring or in other areas this water is absorbed by ground which in return purifies it and gives it back to you. Ground water is also the major source of water all over the world and you just need to make sure by tasting it through laboratory whether this water is pure or not. In most of the cases this ground water is not only pure but also contains good amount of minerals in it.


Billion dollar question here is that how much glasses of water one needs to take? There is no clear answer to that as it varies person to person, weather to weather, region to region and the list goes on. But you need to make one formula for yourself that you should always be in reach of water whenever you get thirsty. You should not wait yourself for water anytime and that will surely give you good and hydrated body for the longer run.

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