Best Right Angle Drill for Home Reno’s – Our Recommendations

It’s no secret that power tools such as drills are the standard for most home improvement enthusiasts and professionals. But, they can be too bulky for small projects. At times, you just need to drive a screw into a small area or drill a hole. When such scenarios crop up, a right angle drill is your holy grail.
It’s a specialized and handy tool that allows you to put small and neat holes in roofs, floors, joists, and studs. And, it plates efficiently in the smallest of spaces. The compact nature of this power tool makes a convenient alternative to crannies and target nooks.
But, with the wealth of options that have littered today’s market, finding the ideal right angle drill is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Luckily, we’ve done the heavy lifting by giving you a breakdown of the best options to consider that are affordable and will get the job done.

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1. Milwaukee 2615-20 Cordless M18

Manufactured in China, this right angle drill is ideal for those seeking a tool that has the uncanny ability to seamlessly perform tighter tasks. As one of the most compact tools on the market, the Milwaukee 2615-20 was built with an integrated clutch coupled with a 3/3/4 head length. With a 3/8 inch one-sleeved keyless chuck, 150 pounds of torque, and a lengthened multi-position trigger, this right angle drill delivers unmatched versatility.

Versatile power toolSensitive trigger
Excellent LED lighting included 
Long-lasting battery charge 

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2. Makita XAD02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion

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What you’ll love about this small 90-degree drill is that it’s pleasantly lightweight, weighing 4lbs. If you’ve used a heavy electric drill for hours on end, you understand the adverse arm fatigue it ushers in. Therefore, a lighter tool means a more comfortable experience.

The Makita XAD02Z is ideal for the hard-to-reach, tough spaces. And, it has plenty of torque suitable for driving tasks along with the various types of drilling. The slim nature of the Makita XAD02Z makes it an excellent addition to any tool as it’s versatile and has a keyless chuck. Furthermore, changing the bits is a walk in the park.

Slim and lightweight designCharger/ bits/ battery excluded
Variable speed 
Versatile enough to handy any type of drilling and driving task 
Fast and easy bit removal and installation 

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3. Bosch PS11-102 12-Volt Lithium-Ion

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As the go-to for home improvement projects, the Bosch PS11-102 features two LED lights which pair well with the chuck to illuminate dark workspaces. Weighing 2.75lbs, this handy gadget is ideal for prolonged use. It also has an adjustable speed that ranges from 0-1300 RPMs.

Its uncanny ability to be altered into five different positions makes it easy to navigate small areas and tight spots. The Bosch PS11-102 right angle drill has an ergonomic handle that provides a firm and comfortable grip.

With an auto-lock chuck, the drill is user-friendly and ideal for quick bit replacements. It can also handle various tasks such as drilling pilot holes, using spade bits, and driving screws. For enhanced battery management, you’ll find a built-in fuel gauge.

Ergonomic handle for safe and comfortable useBattery is difficult to remove
Pivoting head 
LED lighting 
Compact and light 
Soaring speed of up to 1300 RPMs 
Built-in fuel gauge 

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4. Ryobi P241 One+

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Delivering value for money, this compact 90-degree drill offers an abundance of rotational speed and torque for an array of household tasks. With a maximum speed of 1100 RPMs, you can feel confident knowing that this handy tool will get the job done to perfection. It has an onboard magnetic tray that keeps all your bits at an arm’s reach and not scattered on the floor, which is inconvenient and unsafe.

The handle of the Ryobi P241 One+ has been uniquely designed with a rubber over-mold. It comes in handy in scenarios where you’re working in a hot or damp environment where it’s easy to lose grip of the drill. Furthermore, the LED lighting will provide better vision as you get the project done.

Rubberized, comfortable gripBattery not included
Designed with awkward to reach spots in mind 
Long neck for enhanced leverage 
Can handle various household projects 
Functions with several 18V batteries 

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5. DEWALT DCD740C1 20V MAX Right Angle Cordless Drill

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When it comes to tackling spaces on the smallest end of the spectrum, the DEWALT DCD740C1 is a lifesaver. With a small head size, you have free rein to drive screws and put holes in places that are nearly out of reach with conventional drills. The DEWALT DCD740C1 right angle drill is armed with an ergonomic handle and double-speed transmission that offers 0-2000 RPMs and 0-650 RPMs on high and low, respectively.

This allows you to alter the speed to suit your needs. And, its 20V MAX cordless power tool is the perfect ‘cocktail’ of topnotch battery technology and longevity that all users count on.

Weighing 3.8 lbs, this handy device is impressively lightweight and user-friendly. A quick charger with dual voltage capacity is part of the package. The additional rubber over mold provides a secure and comfortable grip for hours on end.

Enhanced user flexibilityPricey
Multi-grip trigger 
Convenient and comfortable to use 
Eco-friendly Energy Star-qualified charger 
Small front-to-back length 

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6. Cordless Milwaukee 2415-20 M12

With a head size of only 3.75 inches, the Milwaukee 2415-20 M12 cordless right angle drill is ideal for driving and applications and drilling in the hard to reach areas. Delivering 100-inch pounds of torque, this handy tool has a lightweight design that allows you to use it continuously and comfortably for hours on end. As a versatile product, the Milwaukee 2415-20 M12 comes with a fuel gauge, speed control, electric clutch, a spindle lock chuck, and overload protection.

Built-in LED lightingDoesn’t come with a battery
Extended paddle switch for unrivaled control 
Compact and easy to use 

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Closing Remarks

Your tool arsenal may comprise commonly used power tools such as a sander and a jigsaw. But, once you venture into complex projects, you’ll need additional assistance, particularly when working in confined spaces. So, investing in the best right angle drill is your best bet for optimal results. Get yours today!

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