Best Popup Trundle Beds | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best popup trundle beds reviews & buyer's guide

Heard of a popup trundle bed, but not sure exactly what it is?

Let’s start with a trundle. A trundle is a low bed that fits in the space beneath a traditional bed and is only pulled out when you need it.

As for the best popup trundle beds, they work exactly like any other trundle. The difference being that instead of staying lower to the ground than your bed when pulled out, the trundle bed has a mechanism that enables it to be lifted up (or popped-up) to the same height.

Because of their convenience, popup trundle beds have soared in popularity.

Unexpected house guests, your kids’ friends coming over for sleepovers, and extra space in the bedroom are all great reasons to add a popup trundle bed to your home.

With a trundle bed, you only need to pull the trundle out to have a soft and cozy bed for you or for your guests to spend the night. When you are done, simply slide the trundle back under the bed.

Now that we have you convinced, it is only right that we show you some of the best popup trundle beds available online, and what you should look out for before purchasing.


Twin Pop Up Trundle Bed on Rollers

best twin-sized popup trundle bed

An unexpected overnight visit from the in-laws? This is the fuss-free trundle bed to roll out — quite literally as it comes with roller wheels.

While it does require some assembly before it can be used, reviewers have found the process to be relatively simple.

Once done, the metal trundle frame rises to the height of a standard bed and is sturdy enough to accommodate up to 200 pounds. Its twin-sized frame also means that any tossing and turning in the night will not result in a — short and painful — trip to the floor.

For those concerned about aesthetics, the trundle frame’s black finish perfectly complements almost any décor.

Besides that, just in case black is not your favorite color when it comes to furniture, the frame also very easily slides underneath a standard bed frame and out of sight.


  • Holds up to 200 lbs.
  • Twin size
  • Equipped with wheels


  • Springs up rather aggressively

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Kings Brand White Metal 39″ / Twin Size Pop Up Trundle for Daybeds

best popup trundle daybed

If you are someone who enjoys relaxing on your daybed while enjoying a good book with your favorite pillow, this is one of the best popup trundle beds to make the experience even better.

Pair this with your daybed and it instantly adds some much-needed space for you to move around.

Since it is twin-sized and the same height as a standard bed, it is also excellent for overnight guests or little visitors coming over for a sleepover.

This is where its metal frame comes in handy to accommodate heavier guests or even pillow-fights.

Once the guests depart or you are done using it, simply roll the trundle frame on its roller wheels to a closet or under the bed. No heavy lifting necessary.

This popup trundle measures 72″ x 39″ and weighs only 50 lbs.


  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Equipped with wheels
  • Twin-size


  • No wheel locks

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Kings Brand Furniture Twin Size Black Metal Platform Bed with Pop Up Trundle

best overall popup trundle bed for the money

Available in black or white, this contender for best popup trundle bed is made entirely of steel for durability and safety.

This is also further helped by the platform’s metal slats. Although there is some assembly involved, it is minimal and easy.

When not lifted, the collapsible trundle fits snugly beneath the bed to save space.

When the need arises, you can easily pop it up as the trundle bed is spring-assisted to raise it to the height of the main bed. Save the heavy lifting for leg day at the gym.

This popup trundle bed is an excellent addition to any guest room. Even if you need to furnish more than one guest room with the set, simply separate the trundle from the main bed frame and you are done. Your guest will be so grateful to escape the cold hard floor or saggy couch.


  • Platform with metal slats for additional support
  • Spring assisted


  • Two beds are slightly different heights

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Dream Solutions Dark Metal Day Bed Frame Trundle Included – Black

king size popup trundle bed

One of the most popular popup trundle beds in the market, the Dream Solutions trundle bed is engineered for maximum strength and stability.

The Dream Solutions’ frame is metal which enables the bed to withstand a higher weight limit.

Plus, its dual gravity locks help with position stability, while its locking spring mechanism ensures that the release bar remains locked while elevated, keeping you from finding yourself suddenly on the ground in the middle of the night.

If you are someone that tosses and moves around a lot in your sleep, this trundle bed’s angle up side rails will help the mattress to stay in position and prevent slipping.

Besides that, you (or your guests) will also be so glad for all of the extra space. This is because when the trundle is extended and lifted to the same height as the bed, together they are the equivalent of a king-sized bed.


  • Dual gravity locks
  • Angle up side rails


  • Springs up somewhat aggressively
  • Instruction manual is brief

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Kings Brand Furniture 39″ / Twin Size Black Metal High Riser Bed Frame with Pop Up Trundle

best popup trundle bed under $500

If you live in a small space and want to avoid the arguments that stem from sharing beds, get your hands on this popup trundle bed now.

A daybed frame with a collapsible trundle underneath it, we love Kings Brand’s versatility.

The daybed and the trundle are sturdy as their frames are made of metal.

To promote safety, the trundle has a locking mechanism to ensure that it will not collapse. Plus, the daybed is reinforced with a platform made of metal slats for additional support.

When the trundle is lifted up, the two twin beds are the same height and are the equivalent of a king-sized bed. For those of you who are big fans of personal space, you can also set them up as two separate beds as the trundle is not attached to the main bed frame.

If you are into a little DIY, the metal frame has holes on the front and back. So, you can easily attach a headboard and footboard.


  • Includes locking mechanism
  • Platform made of metal slats
  • Versatile


  • Some reviewers found there to be too many pieces

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Twin Size Metal Day Bed (Daybed) Frame & Pop Up Trundle with Mattresses

daybed and popup trundle bed review

Leave the question of mattress size behind with this package deal.

A variation of the Dream Solutions’ popup trundle bed, this version comes with two comfortable mattresses. The two twin-sized innerspring orthopedic mattresses offer excellent back support for a good night’s sleep.

Speaking about support, the daybed also includes a platform with metal slats for additional sturdiness.

This popup trundle bed wins points for its versatility, too, as it can be used in multiple ways.

To save space and when not in use, leave the trundle under the main bed frame. If the need for the trundle arises, roll the trundle out and leave it on the ground, or pop it up to the same height as the main bed.

A high-quality trundle bed with comfortable mattresses, this is one of the best pieces of furniture for any guest room.


  • Comes with innerspring orthopedic mattresses
  • Sturdy frame


  • Instruction manual can be more detailed

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Montana Woodworks Homestead Collection Day Bed with Pop Up Trundle Bed

best wood popup trundle bed

This exquisite daybed in clear lacquer finish with a popup twin-sized trundle bed will make an excellent addition to any home.

Carefully handcrafted in Montana using genuine lodge pole pine, this charming bed is assembled using round mortise and tenon joinery — a method proven to be durable and long-lasting — for heirloom quality.

Reminiscent of early America with its square sawn timber frame and its barn wood style, the piece also perfectly highlights its blend of careful and detailed craftsmanship, high-quality wood, and conscientious construction.

If you are one for a personalized touch and authenticity, you will appreciate that each piece of Montana Woodworks furniture is hand-signed by the artisan who made it.

Not just a style piece, this wood popup trundle bed is also built to handle frequent use.

The daybed has a sturdy polydeck mattress support and can withstand up to an impressive 500 pounds.

Meanwhile, the popup trundle bed that nestles discreetly below the daybed can withstand up to 350 pounds.

Use the daybed and trundle bed separately as twin beds or combine them for a king-sized bed.

If you are still on the fence because of the bed’s price tag, its 20-year limited manufacturer’s warranty more than makes up for the higher price point.


  • Handcrafted wood
  • High quality
  • Includes 20 year limited warranty


  • Assembly could be easier
  • Higher price point

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Montana Woodworks Glacier Country Collection Day Bed with Pop Up Trundle Bed

heavy duty wooden popup trundle bed reviews

From Montana Woodworks’s Glacier Country Collection, this is the ultimate popup trundle bed to splurge on.

The epitome of quality, this piece features Montana Woodworks’ intricate craftsmanship that has been painstakingly passed from generation to generation.

While it is also handcrafted in Montana using genuine lodge pole pine just like Montana’s other collections, its distinguishing factor is its finish. Drawing inspiration from the “Grand Lodges of the Rockies” circa 1990, it comes finished in an exclusive premium-grade stain.

Stunning, but low-maintenance, its dark, rich hues and warm tones make it the perfect accent piece for almost any room.

In comparison to its counterpart from the Homestead Collection above, its main bed can accommodate an additional 50 lbs., topping out at 550 lbs.


  • Handcrafted heavy wood frame
  • Premium wood stain
  • 20 year limited warranty


  • Higher price point

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How do you select the best popup trundle bed with so many options available?

Well, here are the most important features to consider and keep in mind before making your purchase.

Frame Construction

There is nothing more important than safety and, thus, the very first thing to consider is the sturdiness of the frame.

Make sure to consider not only the sturdiness of the main bed frame but also the sturdiness of the popup trundle.

You need a trundle that is solid, durable, and can hold your weight. There is no bigger or more sobering wake-up call than falling onto the floor in the early hours of dawn.

Opt for solid wood frames if you are into the more rugged and rustic look. They are pricier but last much longer than lesser materials.

If you prefer a more modern and minimalistic style, you can’t go wrong with metal frames. However, avoid synthetic materials and plastics where possible.

Size and Space

Pay close attention to the room you will be placing the popup trundle bed and confirm that the specifications and measurements of the trundle bed fit properly.

While trundle beds are famously space-efficient, there is always a possibility that the one you are about to purchase does not fit as well in the room as other options.


Like anything else, price is going to be a factor when you are searching for a popup trundle bed.

In fact, price fluctuates wildly when it comes to these versatile beds.

As we’ve discussed above, you can find options for under $300, while other models can creep up to nearly $1,200!

Before you spend your hard earned money, consider how often you will be using the bed and what types of guests you will be accommodating; you may be able to get away with spending less if it’s for your kids’ sleepover guests, while you may want to shell out some extra cash to ensure your mother-in-law a comfortable stay.

Additional Features

Lastly, always check out the additional features of the trundle bed you are eyeing.

Does it come with mattresses so that it saves you from having to purchase them separately?

Is there a locking mechanism to keep it in place?

Does the metal frame have holes for you to attach a headboard and footboard?

These are all important questions to consider to ensure that you are able to maximize the use of the popup trundle bed.

Now that you know which are the best popup trundle beds in the market and what features to consider before purchasing one, you are ready to find the ideal popup trundle bed for your home.

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