Best Piano Lamp | Reviews and Buyer’s Guide (2020)

reviews of the best piano lamps for home

The best piano lamp can make all the difference.

Whether you are a beginner, a concert pianist, or just need the finishing touch for your decorative baby grand, every piano needs a proper lamp.

Piano lamps don’t just illuminate the keys and sheet music.

They also allow you to insert some of your own unique flair into your instrument and your home.

With the hundreds of lamps for sale online in 2020…where do you look? How do you find the best piano lamp for your own style?


We’ve scoured the internet, done the research, and found the best lamps in 5 different categories:

  • Classic
  • Grand Piano
  • LED
  • Floor
  • Gooseneck

House of Troy 10″ Piano Desk Lamp in Polished Brass Finish (Best Classic Look Lamp)

piano lamp
10″ Piano Desk Lamp

If you are looking for a classic looking piano lamp, the House of Troy 10″ Piano Desk Lamp in Polished Brass Finish is for you.

This lamp will instantly pull you back to your favorite smokey piano bar. Solidly built with a polished brass finish, the House of Troy lamp measures 10 inches long and is a perfect size for smaller and portable pianos. It houses a single 60-watt halogen bulb.

Due to its size, it also makes for a perfect desk lamp.

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House of Troy Black 22″ Inch Chrome Slimline Grand Piano Lamp (Best Grand Piano Lamp)

Grand Piano Lamp
22″ Slimline Grand Piano Lamp

A perfect match for a freshly polished black grand piano, the House of Troy 22 Inch Slimline Grand Piano Lamp is our vote for the best grand piano lamp and comes in a stunning black finish.

Upon opening the box, you will immediately notice the high-quality black chrome trim that sets this lamp off perfectly.

This grand piano lamp includes an inline on/off switch and matching clamp, perfect for upright pianos, that is lined with felt to protect fine surfaces.

The lamp is 22 inches wide and hosts 4 15 watt bulbs.

We particularly like how sleek this House of Troy lamp looks when sitting atop a shiny black piano. It is also an adjustable lamp so you can find the perfect lighting angles to have enough lighting as you play.

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K&M Stands Piano LED Bulb Lamp (Best LED Bulb Piano Lamp)

led piano lamps
LED Piano Lamp

The LED light has made its way into everything from headlights to refrigerators; now, the LED light is available in piano lamps, and we couldn’t be happier.

The K&M Stands LED Piano Lamp might not just be our favorite LED piano lamp, but our favorite overall lamp. Its 12 LED bulbs provide the perfect amount of light for reading music on the piano “desk.”

The base is solid and keeps the lamp firmly in place, which is nice when you have a lot going on your desk.

The neck is very flexible. Flexible enough that some purchasers have pointed the lamp upwards for use illuminating artwork.

To top it off, we certainly do not hate the price. This LED piano lamp is definitely worth a look.

Real Review from a HomeGenerosity Reader:

“I actually don’t have a piano, but I bought the K&M LED piano lamp for my home office desk. I really like the flexible neck and how nice it looks sitting on the desk. I’m sure it would work well for a piano too.”

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Cocoweb High-Powered LED Piano Floor Lamp (Best Piano Floor Lamp)

best piano floor lamp
Piano Floor Lamp

The Cocoweb LED Piano Floor Lamp is the most versatile lamp on our list. Even without a piano, this floor lamp makes a perfect addition to any home. It comes in four different finishes:

  • Antique Brass
  • Black
  • Mahogany Bronze
  • Satin Nickel

With a full array of LED lights, this lamp is 80% more energy efficient than traditional piano lamps, and its bulbs are estimated to last 20 years with 5 hours of use a day – so forget about ever-changing bulbs.

Also, the Cocoweb lamp boasts 6 points of adjustability so that you can maneuver the lamp into whatever position you need it. Also, for even more flexible in its setup, its brightness levels are adjustable.

A 2-year warranty is included, though you likely won’t need it. Many reviewers have dubbed this the “best lamp on the market.”

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House of Troy Advent 10″ Gooseneck Piano Lamp (Best Gooseneck Lamp)

 best gooseneck piano lamp
Gooseneck Piano Lamp

Gooseneck lamps are an equally fantastic option around the house and on top of the piano as their bendable necks allow you to place the light exactly where you need it.

The House of Troy Advent Gooseneck Lamp is a solidly built gooseneck lamp that won’t break the bank. It measures 10 inches and houses a 40-watt bulb.

Illuminate your sheet music without lighting up the rest of the room. Or, place this lamp on a nightstand and bend it to read before bed without waking up your spouse.

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When you play the piano, there is often some kind of sheet music or chord charts you will need to have in front of you. For this reason, you need to have a good amount of illumination so you can see what is in front of you.

So, instead of having to squint and suffer through shadows and horrible piano lighting, a piano lamp is an accessory you will definitely want to consider as you practice.


The high cost of many piano lamps can be attributed to several factors.

First, the piano is often thought of being a “classy” instrument. Pianos are expensive, and piano lamps tend to follow suit.

Second, piano lamps vary widely in quality and build materials. A polished brass lamp is naturally going to cost more than a plastic facsimile.

Finally, simple supply and demand. Not many lamp manufacturers make “piano lamps.” As a result, those that do can inflate the price.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a piano lamp, check out our list below.


A good piano lamp should provide you with uninterrupted lighting that does not cause a distracting glare. Many piano lights have a hood for this reason. They are in place to reduce the glare while also diverting the light to land directly onto the sheet music. Some can easily clip to the piano while others can be set down and mounted.

A good piano lamp is also something you are not afraid to display on your piano. It should be a stunning work of art that adds to the classic aesthetic your piano has. It is considered a tool of elegance that a pianist should have in their possession.


Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a grand piano in their home. However, even hand-me-down upright, lower-end console, and digital pianos, deserve a great piano light for a great price.

We searched and found our favorite cheap piano lamps (many with Prime two-day shipping!).

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Kootek Clip On Music Light Stand

kootek music light stand image

This Kootek music light stand comes with 10 bright LEDs, a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, AC adaptor, and USB cored. With just one button, you will find that controlling this piano lamp is simple to do. The switch on the back of the lamp offers easy access to turn the lamp on and off as needed.

You can also control the level of brightness by choosing between two levels. It is suitable for a piano, music stand, orchestra pit, desk, or table. It can be used as a normal desk lamp if you wish and can be clipped to almost any surface.

It is extremely portable and lightweight so you can take it with you. The battery cannot be replaced in this lamp; however, the lamp can still be used while it is charging.

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TaoTronics LED Lamp

taotronics led lamp image

This lamp by TaoTronics can swivel, rotate, adjust, and bend. All components of this lamp, including the lamp head, neck, and arm, are all fully rotatable and can be adjusted. This allows you to achieve the best lighting angle. The lamp uses LEDs that are easy on the eyes and has four different lighting modes to choose from: sleep, relax, reading, and studying modes.

The lamp is optimized according to the lighting mode and setting you choose to use. It also features a strong and durable metal design that will not break or damage easily. The base is heavy and offers optimal support and stability. The lamp will not topple over.

It can be charged quickly and easily with a simple USB charger.

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Boston Harbor Piano Desk Lamp

boston harbor piano desk lamp image

This Boston Harbor Piano Desk Lamp rounds out our honorable mentions for the best piano desk lamp. This lamp features a round base and has a metal lamp shade with a stunning satin nickel finish.

It uses a 40-watt maximum bulb that needs to be purchased separately. Its felt bottom protects the piano it is placed on, so there will be no scratching or other damage to the piano. It has an easy access on/off switch, so there is no fumbling when you need the light.

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You’ve found your lamp, and presumably, you have a piano to put it on top of. The only thing left to do now is to play.

Playing the piano is a skill that will last you a lifetime. Millions of pianists’ lives have been enriched by the art and science of playing the piano.

There’s something special about playing your own music that simply cannot be replicated. To do this, you need to have enough light for your music rack.

Now that you have light to see the keys, then use them!

If you have any questions or would like to review one of the lamps we have listed, please feel free to get in touch with us. We love to hear from our readers.

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