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Anyone who lives way too close to the either pole must have experienced the shortage of firewood in winters. You just cannot store firewood without having a good log rack especially dedicated for this purpose. The log rack is a place where you can store firewood and great thing about the log rack is that it ensures there is no connection between the ground and wood so that you would be able to burn the wood for longer period of time.

Most of the time these log racks are made up of steel structure and that is the reason why they run for longer. You will have to assemble it yourself and there is hardware included in the package for assembly. Right now you are going to read 9 best log racks reviews where you can find all important information about them, so keep reading.

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1. Landmann 82433 8-Foot Firewood Log Rack Only

The Landmann 82433 8-foot firewood log rack only which is available in two different sizes of 4ft and 8ft. The storage capacity of 8ft log rack is around 2/3 cord of wood which is good enough for you. The good thing about this log rack is that it makes sure all the firewood keeps away from the floor and this is important for it not going into waste. The structure of log rack has been made up of strong tubular steel which gives it the durability. All the hardware required fro assembly is given in this and it is totally weatherproof as well.

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2. Pleasant Hearth – 32mm Heavy Duty Log Rack

This one is the “Pleasant Hearth 32mm Heavy duty Log Rack” with different of size and most importantly it can be adjusted as well. You can make this log rack according to your required size. The heavy duty steel structure of this makes it really strong with black powder coated finish it just looks amazing. This log rack gives you the space where you can store firewood well above the ground. With very minimum assembly required this is only for outdoor use.

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3. Panacea 15203 Deluxe Outdoor Log Rack, Black, 4-Feet

This is a good one the “Panacea 15203 Deluxe Outdoor Log Rack, in black color” is not only of high quality but it is available in two different sizes too. The steel tube construction makes it highly reliable. It is made in China and there is no compromise on the quality of this. This log rack takes care of the wood and does not spoil it. The space in this is large enough to store wood for long time.

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4. Panacea 15209 40-Inch Tubular Steel Log Hoop

If you want something unique in log rack then try this one the “Panacea 15209 Tubular Steel Log Hoop” has been the number 1 best seller. There are two sizes available in this 20in and 40in. This log rack is not only good for storing the firewood but this can also be used as a showcase. With thick tube construction and powder coating this will surely give you the more service than others. This is for both indoor and outdoor use.

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5. ShelterLogic 90403 Heavy Duty Firewood Rack with Cover, Black, 12-Feet

The ShelterLogic 90403 Heavy Duty Firewood Rack with Cover black, and good thing about this log rack is that it is available in so many different sizes. There is nothing to worry about its assembly. You can adjust the height of wood stack with the covers given in this. It holds up to 1/4 cord of wood and it also makes sure that there is no contact in between the wood and the floor.

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6. Panacea 15919 Log Bin with Scrolls, Brushed Bronze

All the people out there who want stylish log rack should look at this one the “Panacea 15919 Log Bin with Scrolls, in Brushed Bronze color” and good thing about this log rack is that it is very inexpensive as well. There are scrolls in this with each side panel. Panel in this log rack has the curvy shape which makes it really unique and stylish. With good space and construction this is a good option indeed.

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7. Firewood Log Rack Steel Holder – 4 Feet – Outdoor Indoor Cut Wood Storage for Fireplace

This is another best seller the “firewood Log Rack Steel Holder 4ft Outdoor Indoor Cut wood Storage for fireplace” and it has the capacity of holding up one third of a cord. You don’t need to worry about the space available in this as it is huge enough. With heavy duty gauge and weatherproof coating it is totally rust free. You will require minutes to assemble this and this also makes sure that the firewood stays safe, worth buying indeed.

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8. Classic Accessories 52-068-020401-00 Log Rack Cover, Black, 4-Feet

The Classic Accessories 52-068-020401-00 Log Rack Cover in black color and not to forget that it is available in two different sizes 4ft and 8ft. The quality of this fabric is good enough that even it won’t get cracked in winter. There is no issue in fitting and removal of this cover as it has been made really easy. There is a elastic hem cord with this which allows you to adjust according to the size of the rack. With multiple air vents it makes sure that the firewood remains in a good state. This is truly an essential thing to have.

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9. Shelter SLRS Firewood Storage Log Rack, Small

If you are looking for really small log rack then you have come to the right place the “Shelter SLRS Firewood Storage Log Rack” is not only available in small size but there are other sizes as well. This is purely made in USA that is why no compromise on the quality of this. The construction of this log rack has been carried out with tubular steel and it can withstand 1000lbs quite easily. It is weatherproof and its design allows good ventilation inside, a nice choice indeed.

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Size of the log rack does matter a lot and you have to decide how much capacity you are going to need for storage. Overall the log rack will add value to your lifestyle for sure and you will enjoy winters more.

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