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what is the best hot tub for the money

Do you want your own home spa experience?

Make it happen with an inflatable hot tub that won’t break the bank.

Treat your family to one of the best inflatable hot tubs available online; they are cheap, flexible and can be placed almost anywhere with a flat surface – in your garage, on your backyard patio, or even at a campsite.

Inflatable hot tubs have taken off of late and are sold in various types (except inflatable hot tub time machines). While the experience delivered by an inflatable hot tub is similar to that of a standard tub, they do have several distinguishing features which make them unique.


Inflatable hot tubs are more than just the “cheap” option for owning a hot tub.

While there are cheap inflatable hot tubs, most of today’s options provide the full at-home spa experience – including seating for the entire family, plenty of jets, and water filtration systems – all for a fraction of the cost of a “regular” hot tub.

Scroll down for our buyer’s guide if you’d like to learn more about inflatable hot tubs. Otherwise, here is our list of the 5 best inflatable hot tubs that you can buy online.

Intex PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set – Best Overall

best inflatable hot tub reviews

An affordable inflatable spa is perhaps one of the best recreational investments you can make today. The Intex PureSpa Bubble Massage is one of the best tubs that can help you create a new habit of washing away your aches and pains.

This hot tub features an easy to reach intuitive control panel from which every operation on the hot tub can be managed. All you have to do is push buttons and you gain control of everything from turning the power on or off to controlling water temperature.

The Intex inflatable spa has been proven to excel at retaining heat for a long time. With a temperature range of 68 to 104 Fahrenheit, the set temperature can be maintained by its heating unit through various conditions of use including when the bubble function is in use or when the spa is left covered.


  • Assembles in 20 minutes
  • Easy deflation and storage
  • Seats and headrests for 6 people
  • 120 water jets
  • Fiber-tech construction

Water heating is fast. At a rate of 2-3 Fahrenheit per hour, the Intex PureSpa warms up water faster than most of its competitors by up to a degree difference. At this rate, it reaches its maximum temperature in less than 24 hours which is beneficial especially in cold weather conditions. However, the manufacturer warns against winter use.

Heat retention and water flow on this inflatable hot tub are superb not just because it keeps the water warm for a long time but because it also minimizes energy consumption, making it a favorite of many cost-conscious homeowners.

In addition to the many built-in user comfort features, the ergonomic design of this compact tub can’t be overlooked. This design was made with comfort and functionality in mind.

best affordable inflatable hot tub
Gather The Gang (Anywhere) Around A Portable Hot Tub

Maximum relaxation is all but guaranteed with this inflatable tub’s ergonomic design. At full inflation, the PureSpa reaches a diameter of 77-inches which provides a good seating position and enough leg space for for 6 occupants.

PureSpa hot tubs are built with high-quality and durable materials. To be specific, this tub features high-strength polyester fibers which are stretch-proof and do not lose their structure over time. This guarantees that the tub walls will remain firm and well inflated when left idle.

The PureSpa is constructed with layers of reliable materials, and it’s factory-fitted chlorine dispenser makes maintenance a cinch.

Test strips are included which can immediately be used to check water quality following installation.

Featuring an efficient inflation hose that makes inflating the unit possible in less than an hour, setting up the Intex PureSpa is a breeze. The pump delivers rapid drainage which is good for tucking it away quickly.

All these features earn the Intex PureSpa the title of “best overall” on our list of best inflatable hot tubs.


  • Great value
  • Easily set up and deflated with no extra tools
  • Includes color changing LED lights for night dips
  • Compact design


  • Water temperature may fall some when using bubbles
  • Control panel takes a little time to learn

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Coleman SaluSpa Portable Inflatable Outdoor Spa – Best Value

Following Coleman’s popular Lay-Z Spa is the miniature Coleman SaluSpa; a portable hot tub with the capacity to seat up to 4 people.


  • Seats 4 people
  • Water temperature range of 68-104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Holds 192 gallons of water
  • High-end design and materials
  • Portable

Standard hot tubs can cost upwards of one or two thousand dollars, before the cost of installation. The huge savings that can be had with an inflatable hot tub is one of the reasons why they are so attractive. However, with an inflatable hot tub you typically have to sacrifice on features like massage jets or water filtration.

Not with the Coleman SaluSpa.

This attractive hot tub option proves you do not need to spend thousands on a hot tub just to have a great time outdoors. Made of heavy-duty lining, the hot tub is designed for durability and frequent use. Massage jets create a gentle stream of current and bubbles to help your muscles relax while keeping the water at a consistent temperature.

portable hot tub
On the go? Bring your hot tub with you!

This inflatable hot tub perfectly fits into small places in your home such as a she-shed or patio.

Keep in mind though that smaller also means limited legroom for bathers. Its floors are padded for comfort- if you can overlook the small size of this spa you’ll certainly fall in love with it as it’s padded floor provides extra comfort.

The firm walls in this portable hot tub act as a a great support system. Also, a relaxing spa massage experience is guaranteed as it features 60 air jets. Bear in mind that this is slightly below what larger inflatable hot tubs can provide. However, reviewers still love the feel.

controls for inflatable hot tub are simple to use

The SaluSpa also includes a powerful all-access control panel where the majority of its operations are controlled and monitored.

At a rate of 3 degrees per hour, its heating unit can reach a maximum temperature of 104 degrees. This is one of the fastest rates we have seen. A downside to this is that it works with a timer system which must be adjusted with every use.

The SaluSpa is lightweight and portable. It comes with two firm handles which help to easily move this unit when empty. This feature coupled with the light weight design makes the SaluSpa one of the most mobile spas on the market.


  • No tools required for setup
  • Quiet operation
  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Heats water quickly


  • Bubble massage could use more power
  • Will increase electric bills
  • Not suitable for winter use

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SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet Inflatable 6-Person Hot Tub

The premium leather look and feel of the SaluSpa Palm Springs exterior makes it a luxury product to have in your home regardless of whether it’s set up outdoors on your patio, deck, or lawn, or indoors. Also, its quick installation makes it ideal for users that want simplicity and fast access.


  • Seats 6 people
  • Inflates using included pump
  • Fast water heating
  • Easy to operate control panel
  • Size – 77″ x 28″
6 person inflatable hot tub by SaluSpa
Gather your friends with room for six

A downside to this inflatable hot tub is that you have to choose between using the heater and bubbles as they cannot be used simultaneously. Also, the heat pump in this tub does not shutoff automatically and after the maximum temperature has been reached, it must not be left unattended to.

With great depth and a maximum temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, this tub can accommodate up to 6 persons and includes massage jets for maximum comfort.

It also comes with a cover that serves as an insulator to maintain water temperature, as well as a protective feature for accidental trips. In addition, a comfy padded floor works to prevent heat loss.

quick inflate hot tub

A big feature of the SaluSpa Palm Springs is its puncture-resistant material. The material also does not bend or buckle from vigorous usage thanks to the beams on its sides.

You do not have to worry about under-inflating or over-inflating this tub as it includes a built-in air pressure gauge. In addition, maintaining this tub is easy thanks to SaluSpa’s branded filters and chemical floater.

Its eye-catching leather-like light material looks great. With enough soaking depth for 6 persons, the SaluSpa Palm Springs inflatable hot tub will be sure to relieve the stress from the day’s work.


  • Durable lookalike leather exterior
  • Space for 6 persons
  • Powerful jets
  • Padded floor
  • Does not buckle


  • Does not include auto stop heating
  • Can’t use bubbles and heat pump at the same time

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GoPlus 4 Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub

The GoPlus 4-person outdoor inflatable hot tub has superb features which makes it a big hit in the hot tub market.


  • Fits 4 adults
  • 210 gallon water capacity
  • 68 – 104 degree temperature range

Along the corner of the tub, you’ll find a user-friendly panel which is easy to understand and operate.

Upon activation, you will enjoy soothing bubbles from 130 high-powered jets.

best cheap inflatable hot tubs

Also, maintenance on this tub is easy as it has easily replaceable filter cartridges which ensure the flow of clean water at all times. Furthermore, suspended crystals added to the filter cartridge ensure that soft water flows into the spa.

This inflatable hot tub is built with the convenience of the user and easy transportation in mind. By simply folding it and grabbing the handles, you can easily store the tub when you are done using it.

The GoPlus inflatable hot tub features an built-in hard water treatment system which produces heated water that is gentle on everything it touches including the skin and bathing suit. This prevents hard water build-up which can deplete the tub’s lifespan. Also, this system ensures that personal temperature preference is met.

The exterior surface of this inflatable hot tub is built with fabric-coated materials and the floor has an insulated cloth. A fitted insulation cover also makes for improved heating and safety. All these features help to sustain the tub’s high-thermal retention.


  • Great value
  • High thermal heat retention
  • Easy to transport
  • Built-in hard water treatment system


  • Slightly slow to reach desired temperature
  • On the smaller side

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Bestway 54155E Hawaii Air Jet Inflatable Outdoor Spa

This is one of the newest additions to the Bestway line of inflatable hot tubs.

Many users love this model for its high functionality, sturdiness, and durability. This tub is very energy efficient as it features a unique power-saving technology.

best inflatable hot tub for the money
Bestway Hot Tub

Its best feature though may be its powerful 114 air jets which produce a true hot tub experience for not a lot of money.

This tub stands out among other inflatable hot tubs as reviews consistently exclaim how fast the Bestway 54155E warms the water.

This tub is highly recommended over the older models by many Bestway tub owners. However, the downside to this tub is that draining it can be quite tricky after use as it does not feature a drain tube. But overall it is a great tub for the money.


  • High-quality build
  • Power-saving technology
  • Durable


  • No drain tube
  • Setup takes slightly longer than other models


Features To Consider

If you have decided to invest in an inflatable hot tub, the first things you want to get yourself acquainted with are the maintenance and space requirements.

If accommodating such a large appliance in your home or backyard is not a problem for you, then what’s left for you is to purchase a tub that meets your quality standard and is within your price range.

We have some tips to help steer you in the right direction there.

In no particular order, here are the things to consider when shopping for an inflatable hot tub.

Hydro Jets vs. Air Jets

A great feature to consider when choosing an inflatable hot tub is the power system it uses. Currently, there are just two – hydro jets and air jets. These jets are directly responsible for the level of relaxation you will experience, so make sure to give them some priority when choosing your model.

Air jets are the most popular choice. Their operation is simple yet very effective. Although they add some cost, they provide the user with more bubbles and relaxation techniques.

Hydro jets, on the other hand, will provide a more personalized and custom bubble massage. The additional features in your hot tub to support this customization and personalized experience make the hydro jet an equally expensive option.


It may not need saying, but when shopping for an inflatable hot tub, check the size. This includes the overall size of the tub as well as the number of people it can accommodate without causing discomfort.

Depending on features such as build type, price, and built-in features, regular inflatable tubs can usually accommodate between 2 to 8 people. Of course, the larger the size of the tub, the more money it costs.


The next thing to consider is the space requirement of the tub. Whether it’s being installed indoors or outside the house, you can only get your money’s worth as time goes by if you set it in an appropriate space.

If it’s inconvenient to have a hot tub, what’s the point of having one?

Installing the tub on a perfectly even floor may seem like the normal thing to do. But asides just keeping the water on the same level, if this step is skipped or done wrong, it can cause damage to the tub in the long run.

Electric Socket

The electric plug the tub comes with is also an important consideration because this is what connects the tub and your water fixture.

Unless the tub requires some special wiring you need not worry about anything else other than the plug socket when considering how the tub is powered. Also, try to avoid using an extension wire for the job as it increases the risk of power issues in the long run.


Some general rules which are not found in the factory guides/manuals help to reinforce the durability and life span of your new portable hot tub.

what is the best hot tub for the money

Use a Water Filter

First off, ensure you use a water filter to keep the water clean. This filter should be replaced once in a while, ideally every 3 months, if you use your inflatable hot tub regularly.

Avoid Punctures

Also, bear in mind that although these tubs are built to last, pushing them against a sharp object will puncture them. Most inflatable hot tubs pack repair kits in place just in case this happens so you do have options if you make a mistake.

Beside the regular filters and chemicals you need to ensure the long-term durability of your tub, you may not need any additional tools or accessories, unless there is a serious case of a puncture. However, ensure that you do the maximum in terms of the basic cleaning and maintenance and follow the provided guide.

Deflate Before Storage

Also, a helpful tip is to deflate your inflatable hot tub before storing it to prevent complications. Also, it’s helpful to consider a thorough scrub after deflating the tub to rid it of any impurities that may cause future damage.


Many people buy hot tubs so they can immerse themselves in relaxing warm water during freezing weather conditions. Depending on the model, you may be able to use it any time and season.

Inflatable hot tubs are naturally versatile and can easily fit into many households regardless of how you plan to use it; whether indoors or out in the backyard.

If the flooring is ideal for its temperature and weight, you should have no problem setting it up in any room.

Just remember though that unlike traditional hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs aren’t as sturdy as traditional tubs, so they should be kept away from sharp objects.


Aside from relaxation and self-pampering sessions, there are other reasons to invest in an inflatable hot tub. These benefits extend to your health and your home in general.

Value for your Money

To be realistic, not everyone can afford a Jacuzzi or hard hot tub in their home. A far more affordable blow-up portable hot tub is a better option than hard hot tubs for individuals not ready to spend thousands of dollars on a tub.

Although the best inflatable hot tubs can be cheap, you shouldn’t compromise on quality and standard.

Easy to Install and Mobile

A major perk of having your own inflatable hot tub is the easy installation and mobility you get. A nice perk is that you can easily wrap up your tub for storage, something you cannot do with regular tubs as they consume a permanent space.

You can choose to store your tub in the backyard on a sunny day or inside the house during winter. Also, your portable hot tub can be a fun companion on vacations and weekend getaways. If you are into adventures on the go, you should consider buying one.


Depending on the size of your family, an inflatable hot tub can easily bring everyone together. What’s more fun than enjoying some hot bubbles with friends and family and a bottle of wine by the side?

Relieve Neck and Back Pain

Spending a few minutes in a hot tub can help to relieve back pain. The hot water and jet bubbles are the soothing components which help massage your back and relax your muscles. This further alleviates pressure in the muscles and joints, resulting in a refreshed and rejuvenated body.


Inflatable hot tubs come with some not so cool characteristics which you can avoid with careful product selection. Note that even the best inflatable hot tubs have their downsides, but overall their benefits outweigh their disadvantages.

cheap hot tub for backyard

Doesn’t Have Seats

Most inflatable hot tubs don’t include built-in seating. Hence portable hot tubs don’t necessarily have the same comfort as hard tubs.

Unlike regular tubs, portable hot tubs don’t always include bucket seats. A cushioned seat at the bottom of the tub may be all you get.

Takes Time to Heat

Depending on the water heater, inflatable hot tubs may take some time to heat up. Usually, it increases by 2 – 3°F an hour with a decent water heater. This means that you’ll have to wait for several hours to reach your desired temperature. As a general rule, never go beyond a temperature of 104 degrees.

Uses More Energy

Due to the extended time it takes to heat up, inflatable hot tubs consume more energy.

The way you use your tub also determines how much energy is consumed. For instance, it’ll likely lose heat faster if they are used outdoors.

Also, your tub’s size, and even the weather can be a factor in energy use.

Maintenance and Filters

Everyone wants the maintenance of their tub to be fast and easy. Keeping the filter in good condition by removing and rinsing them out regularly based on usage is a good maintenance practice.

Unfortunately, the location of their filters is a con for inflatable hot tubs. In some models, you will find the filter inside of the heater or pump, while in others around the bottom inner portion of the tub.

This makes maintenance and cleaning a more challenging task.


Don’t treat your inflatable hot tub like it’s simply a backyard kiddy pool. To keep yourself and your new tub safe, remember these safety tips.

Read the Instruction Manual and Watch the Video

No two models are the same. Going through the installation manual and video instructions will help you install the tub smoothly. Sometimes, what sets the best model apart from the rest is how the user puts it together.

If an installation DVD was included in the package, take the time to watch it. YouTube can be helpful too as you’ll find tons of videos posted by other users to guide you. If you still can’t get it to work after going through all these, most customer service numbers are fantastic.

Use a Safe Socket

A secure designated socket will help you achieve a safe spa experience. It should be extended far enough to prevent water splashes from getting to it. Short-circuits in the home can be disastrous especially if it occurs when you are using your tub. Not what you want. At all.

Avoid Using if the Temperature Outside Falls Below 40°F

Most models can’t handle cold temperatures as low temperatures can cause freezing in the hot tub’s pump system. It’s important to deflate and store your hot tub when not in use. Alternatively, if you have the space, you can store it as is.

Install The Hot Tub on a Flat Surface

The first thing to do when installing your inflatable tub is to find a flat surface. This ensures that your tub’s weight is distributed evenly.

Many models include an insulation liner which will be placed underneath the tub before filling it with air. Keep that in mind so you don’t skip it.

Familiarize Yourself With Accessories

Your experience with an inflatable hot tub can be elevated if you purchase the right accessories. Add-ons like headrests, cup holders, extra filter cartridges, benches and more will give you the best possible experience.

You might need to splurge a little as these accessories are not included with your basic inflatable hot tub. The best inflatable tub is the one that meets your needs.


Inflatable hot tubs are built to be installed in the home or backyard without too much hassle. Usually, they include an instruction guide which contains helpful information to set up the tub. Also, they come packed with the needed accessories and tools for setup so you won’t need any extra tools.

best portable spa for the money

Inflating the Tub

As a general rule, do not over-inflate the tub when you do it for the first time. This is because the light, water, and heat in the tub systematically inflate the tub more over time without any extra effort on the part of the user.

If needed, you can always remove or add air to the tub at any point when it’s being used.

Heating the Water

Depending on the technology and build of your tub, heating may last several hours. Also, of course, the size of the tub determines how long heating takes. If you one of the largest inflatable hot tubs the water inside may take several hours to heat up. If set up outdoors, sunlight will help to heat the water faster.


You’re almost there! All you need to do now is make your purchase! Before it arrives, scout out your location based on our guide above, and get the friends ready.

Then add water and you’ll be enjoying your new hot tub in no time.

Best Product Overall

The Intex PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set tops our list in overall performance, ergonomic design, and safety. The Intex PureSpa delivers an astonishing spa experience and plenty of features.

Best Value Product

The Coleman SaluSpa Portable Inflatable Outdoor Spa delivers the most value considering the price, weight, and performance. While short on some of the features of the Intex tub, the Coleman provides a ton of portable hot tub for the money.


What is a plug-and-play hot tub?

Most inflatable hot tubs are plug-and-play. These are hot tubs that are quick and easy to use. You won’t need extra wiring or a 240v wire to set them up. You basically plug it into your normal 110v outlet and fill it with water.

Plug-and-play hot tubs were designed to reduce the running costs available in regular built-in tubs by giving you the ability to unplug your tub when not in use.

Is running a hot tub expensive?

The place you live in, weather conditions and usage will determine the cost of running a hot tub. But with frequent use, your monthly cost will run somewhere in the range of $50 to $150.

Enjoying your newly upgraded backyard will be well worth it. All you need now is a new set of patio furniture and propane grill so that you can take a dip, relax the muscles, then unwind further with an ice cold beer and burger on your patio. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Are hot tubs bad for you?

Hot tubs are good for relaxation and can bring joy to a home, but just like many other things, precautions must be taken for safety. With proper care, cleaning, and safety measures hot tubs won’t pose any harm to you and your family.

It’s recommended that you spend 15 – 30 minutes at a time, up to an hour, in your hot tub. Staying in too long will raise your core body temperature too high and can lead to nausea, dizziness, and even loss of consciousness. Individuals with heart conditions need to be especially careful and should limit their sessions to 10 minutes or less.

How long do inflatable hot tubs last?

As with most household appliances, the answer to this question depends largely on maintenance and weather protection.

Inflatable hot tubs that are maintained and kept out of the elements when not in use can last upwards of 10 years.

Without proper maintenance, they may only last several years.

Are inflatable hot tubs worth it?

The answer to whether it is worth buying an inflatable hot tub is entirely based on your expectations.

If you’re expecting all of the features and benefits of a multi-thousand dollar jacuzzi, you’re going to be disappointed.

But if you want a great “cheap” alternative that you can enjoy with several friends, inflatable hot tubs are a great idea.

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