Best Gift Ideas for Men in Their 30’s

best gift ideas for men in their thirties

Not willing to settle for anything less than the best gift for that special thirty-something guy in your life?

If you have a husband, boyfriend, or son in their thirties, and need a great gift, we have 10 ideas for you.

What Gift to Get a Man in his 30’s

While we really like the gift ideas we have put together, there’s no substitute for that one special item that they’ve had their eye on.

If you’re searching for online gift ideas, we’ll assume that you don’t want to directly ask what they want (or your special guy just won’t say!).

Try being a little sneaky!

Now we’re not saying to go through their phone when they aren’t around, but it is okay to try some less invasive methods.

Have you noticed what they have been browsing on their phone lately? Remember that conversation a few months ago where they mentioned something that caught their eye? How about their friends or siblings? Can you ask them for ideas?

Gifts for Sports Lovers in Their 30’s

gift ideas for football fan in 30's

If your thirty-something guy loves sports, your job just got a lot easier.

Whether it’s playing golf, running, fishing, or being a fan of a team, you’ve already narrowed down your list of potential great gifts.

Football fan? Game tickets or an NFL Bottlecap Wall Sign make great gifts.

Golfer? You can’t go wrong with a gift certificate to the local course, or for less money, a box of golf balls.

Your guy more into drinking beer while the game is on? How about a cornhole set?

Buying a great gift is all about knowing someone’s interests, and if you know they love sports, it makes it all that much easier.

Gifts for Fashionable Men in Their 30’s

gift idea for man over thirty

Turning thirty means a new level of style and sophistication when it comes to men’s fashion choices.

Of course, sizing and selection can be tricky when buying clothes as a gift.

If you have access to the giftee’s closet, take a peek at a few tags for their size.

If you’re still unsure, it’s always a safe bet to stick to accessories like a classic brown belt.

We understand though that buying clothes as a gift is risky; everyone’s fashion sense is unique to them.

How about a hat instead? Or a tasteful watch?

Tasteful accessories that match your guy’s taste make perfect birthday or Christmas gift ideas for men in their thirties.

Gift Ideas for the Thirty-Something Home Cook

gift ideas home cook in thirties

It can take decades to fill out a full set of kitchen tools.

In their thirties, your gift recipient might not have the latest kitchen gadgets, like an air fryer, or soft serve ice cream maker.

Looking for something a little more adventurous?

Inspire them by buying a gift certificate to one of the hottest restaurants in town.

Of course, if they don’t already have a quality set, a professional-grade set of knives makes for a great gift for a home cook in their 30’s.

Gifts for the New Homeowner

There’s a need for almost every kind of gift after you purchase your first home.

While they will be worrying about buying the essentials, it gives you an opportunity to give a gift that they may not have thought of – something that is both practical and fun.

best gift ideas for new homeowner in thirties

Our go to is a new WiFi security camera system.

While on the pricier side, they make for awesome gifts that will get plenty of use for years to come.

Also, what better feeling than to give the gift of security for someone you love.

While Ring and the other big names take up much of the market, we really like the HeimVision.

For a reasonable price, it includes 4 cameras and an NVR – all with remote viewing capabilities.

It’s a great value and sure beats another fern!

Settling on a Gift

Coming up with gift ideas for men in their thirties is difficult. It’s a time where interests and where a man is in life can widely vary.

Like buying any gift, it comes down to how well you know the person.

Try to get in their head. What do they need? What do they want?

If you can at least narrow it down an interest or category, you’ll save yourself a lot of headache, and will have a much easier time of finding a great gift, fast.


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