Best Demilune Tables | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide (2020)

best demilune tables reviews 2019

Sometimes, less is really more – and that’s never truer than when you are shopping for the best demilune table.

Creating a room that has a cohesive, put-together feel means that you need to find pieces that coordinate well with one another, either through their colors, patterns, aesthetics, style, or time periods.

A demilune table is a great choice for your home if you are looking for a piece of furniture that will complement your other furniture and pull together your room.

Classic Design
Coaster Home Furnishings Demilune Entry Sofa Table...
Powell Furniture Masterpiece Floral Demilune Powell...
Safavieh American Homes Collection Jan French Grey...
Coaster Home Furnishings Demilune Entry Sofa Table...
Powell Furniture Masterpiece Floral Demilune Powell...
Safavieh American Homes Collection Jan French Grey...
Classic Design
Coaster Home Furnishings Demilune Entry Sofa Table...
Coaster Home Furnishings Demilune Entry Sofa Table...
Powell Furniture Masterpiece Floral Demilune Powell...
Powell Furniture Masterpiece Floral Demilune Powell...
Safavieh American Homes Collection Jan French Grey...
Safavieh American Homes Collection Jan French Grey...

Often referred to as a half-moon table, a console table, or simply an end table, this style of table is understated and convenient. It allows you to add a pop of style and a touch of flair to any space.

Check out our selections for the best demilune tables available online, and scroll down to the bottom of this article for a quick buyer’s guide.

UPDATE: We’ve reevaluated several of last year’s selections and added new reader reviews for 2020.

7 Best Demilune Tables for Your Home

Coaster Home Furnishings Demilune Entry Sofa Table – Cappuccino

best entry sofa demilune table review

This romantic demilune table is sure to draw your guests’ attention.

This table is a transitional piece with modern upgrades to an old-fashioned style. It has plenty of traditional accents for you to enjoy, including a luscious cappuccino finish that is bold and attractive.

The Coaster Home Furnishings Demilune Table has all the features you need to make it a functional piece. It has two drawers to allow you to stash all of your essentials, along with a bottom shelf that is perfect for decorations, vases, and even books.

Use it wherever you like – this luxurious demilune table by Coaster Home Furnishings is marketed as an entry sofa table, but it would work well in a dining room, bedroom, living room – or even as an accent piece in an uncluttered hallway.


  • 13.5′ height is perfect for filling a space without overwhelming it
  • Wider than tall for stability
  • Minimal assembly


  • Door construction could be better

Real HomeGenerosity Reader Review

“Good buy for the money. We bought this demilune table for our entryway. Our dining room is right next to the entryway so we needed a small console table that matched our dining room set. This table was as close as we found without having to spend a fortune. Bonus points for how easy it was to put together.”

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Ashley Furniture Signature Design Nestor Sofa Table

ashley demilune table review

The Nestor Sofa Table by Ashley Furniture Signature Design is another top demilune table for your consideration.

This table style comes in several different sizes and styles, including a one-shelf end table, a two-shelf end table, a coffee table, and the demilune sofa table.

Measuring 19 x 48 x 30.38 inches, this table is the perfect size for any living space.

It can be used for storage, as it has numerous drawers and doors. It also has built-in charging stations and outlets so your devices won’t have to travel far.

Also, the Ashley Demilune Table is built with casters so you can roll it wherever you’d like.

This sculptural side table is built in the traditional style, with serpentine legs and scrolling acanthus elements.

It’s gorgeously crafted out of artificial wood with metal accents. With a warm brown finish and oil-rubbed bronze-tone legs, it will be a true showstopper in your entryway.


  • Brown finish is elegant and fits well with most decor
  • Functional drawers
  • Great price point


  • Assembly instructions are less than clear

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Tyra Demilune Accent Table

best red demilune table review

The Tyra Demilune Accent Table is another great choice in your hunt for the best demilune table.

This table has a unique, vibrant red finish and is small enough to place up against any wall.

Built with a unique eclectic style, this table is made out of MDF, plywood, veneer, and rubberwood.

Despite its small frame, it can comfortably support up to 20 lbs on the top and 10 lbs on the shelf. In total, though, this table only weighs 22 lbs – making it easy to move.

Despite this demilune table’s vibrant red color, it does have a traditional design. This makes it a great option for your living space.

What’s even better is that when you purchase this table, Tyra donates money to charitable giving programs. To date, they have donated over $45,000 to various charities.


  • Eye catching red color
  • Basic style to fit any design scheme
  • Easy to assemble


  • We wish it was made of real wood

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Powell Masterpiece Floral Demilune Console Table

best ornate demilune table

The Powell Masterpiece Floral Demilune Console Table is a unique, decorative pick for your living space. It has a horse head and hoofed-foot cast legs along with a sturdy display shelf. Sold by Powell Furniture, this table has some assembly required – but the work is absolutely worth it.

This table has a traditional, classic elegance with a floral hand-painted motif and linen-textured top.

The generous display shelf can hold decorations or even books. It’s heavy, weighing about 42 pounds, so you can rest assured that it can hold even your heaviest items.

This demilune table made our “best” list as it has an appearance of something you might find in a pricey antiques shop.


  • Heavy, high-quality construction
  • Ornate details
  • Made of real wood


  • More difficult to assemble than some of our other choices

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Kate and Laurel Lillian Wood Half Moon Console Table Curved Legs with Shelf

best half moon console and demilune table

If you can’t decide what style of table will make the best demilune table for your home, don’t worry!

Kate and Laurel Lillian Wood makes it easy, offering lots of different colors and material options, including teal, white, navy blue, grey, and black.

This demilune table has some assembly required and stands at just under three feet in height. It has a solid tabletop surface and an open shelf that can be used for display or storage.


  • Glides on legs to protect floor
  • Bottom shelf for added storage
  • Satin finish with painted wood


  • Not suitable for holding a lot of weight

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Safavieh American Homes Collection Demilune Console Table

review of american homes demilune tables

The Safavieh American Homes Collection Demilune Console Table is a lovely table that comes in many colors, including aqua, dusty green, teal, ash gray, chocolate, and avocado green.

No matter what your living space looks like, it seems that Safavieh has a table design to suit your needs.

Despite the fact that it is small, this end table has a serious presence. Classic but elegant, this table is made out of elmwood and has a celadon finish.

It is sturdy and is the perfect accent piece for your living space with a transitional design. It even has curved legs, a drawer, and a shelf.


  • No assembly required
  • Many color options
  • Small but sturdy construction


  • Must use felt pads to prevent discoloration or softening of the lacquer

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Leick 20036-BL Coastal Demilune Hall Stand/Sofa Table with Shelf

coastal or nautical themed demilune tables

Another demilune table that can be purchased in a variety of colors is the Leick 20036-BL Coastal Demilune Hall Table.

Although you can also purchase this table as an oval coffee table, a narrow end table, or a narrow sofa table, the demilune hall stand is perhaps the best option for small spaces.

With sturdy and ornate legs, this table comes in multiple colors, including regatta blue, pecan, orchid white, kiwi green, and swan black.

It is compact and easy to assemble, a classic console that looks quite nice with a bold foyer mirror.

We really like this demilune table because it is perfect for a nautical decor scheme – and we love anything nautical!

While a very cute looking table, you may want to avoid it if you need any storage space; the drawers are very small.

What We Liked:
● Has no sharp corners for you to bump
● The gorgeous colorful finish on solid hardwood and birch veneer
● Simple to assemble and compact

What We Didn’t Like:
● Drawers are too shallow to store large objects


  • Solid hardwood with birch veneer construction
  • Compact and easy to assemble
  • No sharp corners


  • Drawers are too shallow to store larger objects

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What to Look for When Buying a Demilune Table

When you’re shopping for a demilune table, it won’t really be any different than when you are shopping for any other kind of end table – or even any other kind of living room furniture.

When you buy a demilune table, you’ll need to first consider where it will be placed. How much space do you have, and what does the furniture around it look like?

In addition, you will need to consider the following functions in order to purchase the most attractive, most versatile, and the overall best demilune table for your home.


The first thing you need to consider when shopping for the best demilune table is the style you’re going for.

You can absolutely select a demilune table that matches the rest of your living room’s design – or even matches your existing furniture perfectly – but you don’t have to.

Don’t feel as though you need to color inside the lines here. Many people are afraid of mixing and matching styles, afraid it will make the space look cluttered.

However, mixing styles creates a unique visual interest as long as you do it purposefully.

Your demilune table doesn’t even need to match other end tables in the space. As long as the styles are somewhat related and there seems to be a consistent theme, you can play around with varying features.

demilune tables for foyer
A Demilune Table Can Be The Perfect Foyer Accent Piece


Again, finding the best demilune table is going to come down to the material.

Think about the other materials and fixtures in the room. You don’t have to stick to a bland wood demilune table, even if you have other furniture that is mostly wood. Some of the best demilune tables are made out of unique materials like brass, marble, or even stainless steel.

Think about the purpose of your table to select the most functional material, and then figure out how that material will fit in with the rest of your decor.


Demilune tables are unique because they are shaped like half-circles.

However, the proportions of that half-circle can vary. This usually means they will work best up against a wall – but not always.

You should think about where you want your demilune table to be placed, as well as the shapes of the other tables in the room (if there are any) before making this decision.


We can’t say this enough – whenever you shop for any kind of furniture, make sure you measure!

There’s nothing worse than investing your time and money into researching and purchasing a gorgeous demilune table – only to find out that it doesn’t fit in the space you’ve selected for it (or worse, it doesn’t even fit through your front door).

If your demilune table is going to be placed at the end of a sofa, make sure its height and depth are as close to the height and depth of the sofa’s arms.

If you’re placing the table up against a wall, make sure it’s the right size for your room. And remember, it’s all going to be about balance – you can’t have the proper balance in your design aesthetic if you don’t have a properly sized demilune table.

How to Decorate a Demilune Table

Purchasing a demilune table is a lot easier if you know your existing design scheme.

The main design schemes for furniture are:

  • Traditional
  • Transitional
  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Eclectic
  • Country

While traditional furniture is usually made out of wood, it might also have elaborate architectural details, like moldings or turned spindles. They may also be oversized.

Transitional furniture blends traditional and contemporary styles and has a super related appearance. It has all the laid back appeal of traditional furniture without the ornate details. You’ll find classic lines and rounded corners, usually with a dark finish, in these kinds of demilune tables.

Contemporary demilune tables focus more on function rather than style. These are usually no-frills and uncluttered, often made of light wood finishes.

Modern furniture, on the other hand, tends to have new technologies and materials. Although modern and contemporary are terms that are often used together, the two are distinct styles when it comes to buying demilune tables.

Country furniture has traditional origins, but it tends to be more adapted to its surroundings. You might find a country style demilune table made out of wood and it will have some ornate details, but may also have more rustic touches as well.

Eclectic style is really as eclectic as the person doing the decorating might be – there’s lots of room for creativity here, and if you’re purchasing a demilune table from a specialty carpenter or furniture dealer, you can get just about anything you want.

Once you know your home’s furniture style, you can pick a demilune table to match.

What Is A Demilune Table?

“Demilune” in French means half-moon. Demilune tables got their name because of their crescent moon shape.

Traditionally, demilune tables do not have front corners and maintain a shallow profile.

They are most often associated with being foyer tables, but they also work perfectly put up against the backs of couches, or placed along a hallway.

Make Your Own

Do you have a talent for working with wood?

Demilune tables are relatively simple to make on your own – the key word being “relatively.”

As with any project, there is always more involved than meets the eye. Start from a detailed set of plans for your own DIY demilune table.

The Perfect Accent Piece

There you have it!

Buying the best demilune table doesn’t need to be stressful – it should be a fun, enjoyable process to shop for a table that will complement the existing aesthetic of your home.

Consider our top 7 choices – and our tips! – to find the best demilune table for your home.

If you have any questions, or tables to include on our list, please feel free to contact us. We love to hear from our readers.

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