7 Best Clear Glass Vases Reviews

Best Clear Glass Vases Reviews

Clear Glass Vases

Best Clear Glass Vases ReviewsHousehold trends come and go but fresh cut flowers will always have a place in the home. Don’t ruin your significant other’s thoughtful gesture with a bland vase. Instead, pick one of our selected stylish clear glass vases. They provide the perfect combination between classic and contemporary looks.

Our 7 best glass vases you can find on Amazon include glass and cut glass. With such versatile designs, these vases can work both in the office and home. They also can be used in a traditional manner for flowers or you can use your imagination and fill them with marbles, shells, sand, or anything else you can think of.

You certainly don’t have to limit your selection to just one vase, but our list of the best 7 glass vases are a good place to start in finding what fits your house.

7 of the Best Clear Glass Vases

1. Small Cut Glass Vases In Differing Unique Shapes

Best Clear Glass Vases ReviewsNeed a set of glass vases? The “Small Cut Glass Vases In Differing Unique Shapes” are a perfect fit for your window sill or a small demilune table. Each vase varies in size between 2.75 inches to 3.75 inches in height. Each vase is a different design that brings a unique flair to your home.

This collection of five glass vases isn’t meant to hold a full bouquet of flowers, but instead will serve as a fantastic accent piece. They also make a great gift; especially for your creative friends.

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2. Ikea Clear Knobby Glass Vase-Snartig X3

Best Clear Glass Vases ReviewsThere is something unique in these clear glass vases the “Ikea Clear Knobby Glass Vase snarting” as it gives you the facility of placing flower or vine cutting in it after filling it with water. There are two different sizes available in this 5 1/2in and 4 3/4in. You don’t need to worry about the reliability of the glass used in making of this as it is highly durable. You will instantly love the design of this glass vase as there is something really unique in this. There is no restriction to place it on any certain place. This one is surely recommended from our side.

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3. Marquis by Waterford Markham Vase

Best Clear Glass Vases ReviewsThis one is truly unique the “Marquis by Waterford Markham Vase, 9in in height” with so many amazing things. First of all design of this vase is just like a glass but it has got cut-glass design in its bottom. There is no fiber work in this glass and this could be thought of as one of the best vases produced by Markham. You will have to be really careful as it cannot be used in microwave. One more thing is that it is not a dishwasher safe too, must keep this in your mind. Price of this vase is somewhat bit high compared with other vases but it is justified though.

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4. Waterford Cassidy 10″ Vase

Best Clear Glass Vases ReviewsThis one is classic the “Waterford Cassidy 10in Vase” (Price of this is too much though). Actually it is Waterford crystal vase with not only good glass but it has got such a design which is unique. It is 10inches in height and at the very first sight you will think of it as a glass but it has big opening and the bottom has small diameter. On top of it you will have its cut-glass design which makes it look really amazing. You can use this anywhere you want whether be it in office or home, it will surely add beauty to your place. One thing to remember is that it should only be washed by hand.

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5. Marquis by Waterford Sparkle 9-Inch Vase

Best Clear Glass Vases ReviewsAnother high quality vase by Waterfold the “Marquis by Waterford Sparkle 9in Vase” in a reasonable price and high quality. If you just love displaying fresh or dried flowers then there can be nothing better than this one. This vase actually has to offer you brilliant cuts reminiscent of delicate starlight and this is really unique among vases. There is nothing compromised on the quality of the glass as it is made up of lead free glass which has been flame polished. Not to forget it is dishwasher safe as well (unlike others). You will fall in love with this piece of decoration for sure.

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6. WGV Clear Square Twist Block Glass Vase

Best Clear Glass Vases ReviewsDo you always strive for something different and unique? If yes then this has been just made for you the “WGV clear Square Twist Block Glass Vase” with 10in in height. It has got very unique design as it is not straight like other vases and you will get a twist in this which looks really good. There are two different colors available in this. Not to mention it has got 4in opening diameter. This vase is showcasing the new trend of twisted vases. There is nothing to worry about its price and with high quality material it is a good option indeed.

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7. Bormioli Rocco Vinciana Flower Vase

Best Clear Glass Vases ReviewsThis one is the Bormioli Vinciana Flower vase, gift boxed in a small size and good thing about this vase is that it is very low in price. It has been designed with a special cut and that is why it looks amazing. This flower vase is made in Italy and there is nothing to worry about its quality. Design of this vase is like edged top with small foot at the bottom. It has got 9in of height and you can place it anywhere you want it just looks incredible. Not to mention that you will get it in a gift box. It is safe to wash in dishwasher, a good option indeed.

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With all that information in your mind about different glass vases you must have a clear idea what to buy now. You should be careful in handling of vases as it could create problems some time but generally they are safe and last for long.

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