10 Best Arc Floor Lamps | Reviews [UPDATED FOR 2020]

Best ARC Floor Lamp Reviews

Best ARC Floor Lamp ReviewsProper lighting can make or break a room. Arc floor lamps are a fantastic option for bringing light into your home or office in a unique and creative way.

These lamps can be anything from unassuming to ostentatious.

When setting out to buy an arc floor lamp, it’s important to know what type of look you are going for. Do you solely need something to provide light and stay in the background? Or do you want your room’s new centerpiece?

There are now an overwhelming number of arc floor lamp choices available online. We’ve done the research for you though and found our ten favorites – approved by us and our readers.

UPDATE: 2020 brings new floor lamp options and new reader input. We appreciate your patience as we improve this article.

10 Best ARC Floor Lamps – Our Reviews

1. Milton Greens Stars Sophia Adjustable Arc Floor Lamp

Best ARC Floor Lamp ReviewsThis is probably one of the best arc lamps the “Milton Greens Stars Sophia Adjustable Arc Floor Lamp with Marble Base-81 inch” available in multiple colors. This is very much energy efficient and its marble base gives the right amount of stability. There is no compromise on its style as the surface of this is shinny and the arc design looks brilliant. With 64in cord you can move it quite freely. You will have to put 100 watt type A light bulb or 23 watt CFL in it.

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2. Brightech – Sparq LED Arc Floor Lamp – Curved, Contemporary Minimalist Lighting Design

Best ARC Floor Lamp ReviewsThe Brightech- Sparq LED Arc Floor Lamp- Curved Contemporary minimalist Lighting Design- Warm white light available in two colors. This is a crescent shaped lamp and you can also set mood lighting in it. You don’t need to worry about the use of this lamp as it can be placed anywhere like office or home. It has got energy efficient 15 watt LED which enables you to work for longer than usual, worth buying indeed.

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3. SH Lighting 6938-2 81″H White/Brush Steel Adjustable Arching Floor Lamp

Best ARC Floor Lamp ReviewsSH lighting 81in H white Brush Steel Adjustable Arching Floor lamp with white marble base and many more features. Good thing is that it has so many different colors for you. It will give you energy efficient light source and not only this but it has also got style. With marble base it is quite stable all the time and then comes the arc which makes it quite flexible. Cord of 64in gives you the right freedom to move it freely.

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4. Adesso 4238-26 Trinity Arc Lamp, Antique Bronze

Best ARC Floor Lamp ReviewsThis is another high quality brand of arc lamp the “Adesso 4238-26 Trinity Arc Lamp, Antique Bronze” available in different styles but it is bit expensive though. This arc lamp has bronze finish in it which makes it amazing and with woven textured burlap drum shade it will add up to the beauty of your home. Height of the lamp is around 84in and it is quite flexible and not to mention that it also comes up with four way rotary switch on the pole.

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5. Coaster 901199 Contemporary Lamp

Best ARC Floor Lamp ReviewsThis one is the Coaster 901199 Contemporary Lamp with chrome finish and available in reasonable price. This is a sofa lamp with good looking black bottom base which makes sure that it stays high all the time. Good thing about this arc lamp is that you can place it anywhere you want from office to your personal study. Not to forget it is made in China.

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6. Black Rain Drop Arc Floor Lamp

Best ARC Floor Lamp ReviewsWell if you really want something different in arc lamp then you have come to the right place the “Black Rain Drop Arc Floor Lamp 91in height” and it is made by Crown Mark one of the renowned arc lamp producers. There is nothing to worry about durability as it is made up with high quality material which makes it reliable. You will get the stylish look on your table with this lamp. With black color and good quality this could be a good option for you.

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7. Brightech – Montage Floor Lamp – Glossy Noir Stem

Best ARC Floor Lamp ReviewsDo you want something different than the others? If yes the try this one the “Brightech Montage Floor Lamp- Oil Rubbed Bronze Stem with Drum Shade- Sophisticated” and available in reasonable price too. Good thing about this arc lamp is that it is not only stylish but also potable and quite sturdy. With bronze finish and there is on/off switch in it as well. It is around 62in in height with flexible arc altogether makes it a good choice indeed.

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8. Ore International 6962SN 5-Arm Arch Floor Lamp with Dimmer

Best ARC Floor Lamp ReviewsThis one is the Ore International 6962SN 5-Arm Arch Floor Lamp with Dimmer in Nickel is truly unique and stylish. You will be able to adjust its domes according to your own and this makes it really easy to use. There is also a dimmer switch in this which gives you an option to set the intensity of light as you want. With good high quality construction this is really a good choice for many reasons.

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9. Artiva USA Micah – Modern & Stylish – 5 Arc Brushed Steel Floor Lamp

Best ARC Floor Lamp ReviewsAnother 5-Arm arc lamp the “Artiva USA micah Modern & stylish 5 arc Brushed Steel Floor Lamp with Dimmer switch and 360 degree rotatable shades”. This can be placed anywhere as it has got 5 arms and with dimmer options you can actually set the intensity of light according to the situation. It is around 88in in height with 40lbs of weight. There are shades which make sure that light spreads in different directions, a worth buying item indeed.

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10. Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp

Best ARC Floor Lamp ReviewsIf you are truly in need of stylish arc lamp then there is nothing better than this one the “Adesso 4026-26 Mauci Arc Lamp, Antique Bronze finish” (price of this is bit high though). It has got adjustable curved poles in it with a base of 12.5in not to forget it has also got on/off rotary switch on the pole as well. You will get three barrel shaped Lanterns in this with fabric like paper. Dimensions of lamp are 77in height and it has 8in diameter.

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Well you will have to make very clear choice whether you want to buy all stylish lamps or a lamp more efficient in energy. Price may vary but it generally falls from 80 to 150 bucks. Good news for you is that they are very much durable and will give you the best experience for sure.

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