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Acacia Wood Furniture For Your Home | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Pine, oak, mahogany, and now…acacia wood furniture.

You may have never heard of acacia wood before, but it has quickly become one of the hottest trending furniture woods around – especially for outdoor furniture. Acacia wood furniture is not only affordable but stylish and highly durable.

Furniture makers love working with acacia wood as experts estimate that acacia wood furniture can last over 40 years (without being treated!).

acacia wood furniture

So, what else makes acacia wood furniture so good?

First, it’s water-resistant.

As one of the hardest exotic woods, acacia wood furniture is great for spill-prone family members or an all-weather patio set. Despite its beautiful finish, it holds up great to wear and tear and makes for the perfect water-resistant furniture to complement your new fire pit and gas grill setup.

Second, it’s resistant to bacteria, mold, and wood-destroying insects.

You can rest easy leaving such a beautiful piece of furniture outdoors because acacia wood furniture is naturally resistant to the buildup of bacteria and mold. It also is resistant to attacks from wood-destroying insects.

Third, it has a beautiful finish.

Acacia wood is derived from thousands of different Acacia species, native to Australia, but now found in many parts of the world.

Due to its variety, acacia wood can be found in a multitude of color shades and patterns. Typically, acacia wood furniture contains a rich, natural grain with a dark brown hue.

Where to Buy Acacia Wood Furniture

Acacia wood furniture has certainly become more common. However, it still may not be as easy to find as your standard plastic patio set. Your local big-box store likely doesn’t carry any acacia wood furniture pieces.

acacia wood buyer's guide

For our acacia wood furniture, we primarily buy online through our vetted sources.

They have a great reputation. They also both offer free shipping and a fantastic no-questions return policy (not that we’ve needed it). If you’re looking for other pieces to complement your new acacia furniture, you can find them, along with thousands of home decor options.

Of course, as with most everything, Amazon is another great place to find acacia wood furniture. Just make sure to mind the reviews to ensure that you are buying a quality piece.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the leg work for you. So, let’s get down to it.

The best acacia wood furniture pieces are…

Outdoor Dining Tables

Outdoor dining tables are the perfect way to extend the functionality of the rest of the home. It offers additional seating and entertainment space outdoors so you can take the fun outside. When purchasing outdoor dining tables, or outdoor furniture in general, you want to make sure it is durable, stylish, low-maintenance, lightweight, and good material for sitting out in the elements. From our choices below, you will see that acacia wood definitely checks all those boxes.

Jenine Outdoor 6 Piece Teak Finished Acacia Wood Dining Set

dining set acacia

For a ready to go summer patio set, we love the Jenine Outdoor 6 Piece Teak Finished Acacia Wood Dining Set. It includes:

  • Acacia wood outdoor table
  • Acacia wood bench
  • Four (4) wicker chairs

wicker chair

The wood, wicker, and iron combination strike the perfect balance between upscale and casual and fits within any patio or deck motif.

The acacia wood table measures 70″ long and comfortably seats six.

Your guests will love the wooden bench. It screams summer lemonade and ice cream cones.

For less than the price of a plastic patio table, you can upgrade your backyard with beautiful acacia wood.

Real HomeGenerosity Reader Review

“As close to having a real dining room table out on the patio. I’ve noticed that we eat outside much more because of how nice this wood table set is. I never heard of acacia wood before, but it’s pretty neat.”

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Maycon Acacia Wood 3 Piece Table Set With Benches

table set with benches

Love a good bench for your table? You’ll love the Maycon Table Set. It comes with a beautiful acacia wood bench for each side of the table.

This set comes in a dark brown acacia wood finish with plank-style seats and tabletop.

The table measures 69″ long and is large enough to accommodate the entire family. Of course, if you need more space, you can throw a couple of chairs on the ends as well.

Importantly, this is not a composite set and is made entirely of acacia wood.

As a result, you get all of the benefits of acacia wood: durability, beauty, and affordability. While the cost may be a little more than a composite piece, it’s worth it as this table will last for years.

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Toby Outdoor Acacia Wood Dining Table

acacia wood dining table

Have your pick of gray or brown with this genuine acacia wood outdoor dining table.

Measuring in at 70.75″ inches long, the Toby Outdoor Acacia Wood Dining Table provides plenty of room to gather the entire family around on the patio.

The Toby table also has been specially treated to withstand the elements and will provide your backyard with tens of years of service.

We especially love the two-tone design, along with the contrast between the acacia wood tabletop and black legs.

In fact, we just recently ordered the sandblast gray table as it goes perfectly with our beach chic backyard theme.

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Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs have a sloped back and seat. They offer superior comfort and stability for those who choose to take advantage of this beautiful seating option. However, while it is one of the most comfortable options for outdoor seating, you also have to remember that these chairs do sit closer to the ground and may not be the ideal solution for everyone, especially those who may have issues with mobility and getting up and down easily.

Cara Outdoor Adirondack Acacia Wood Rocking Chair

acacia adirondack chair

What’s better than sipping lemonade (or something a little stronger) in an adirondack rocking chair on your front porch?

The Cara Outdoor Adirondack Acacia Wood Rocking Chair comes in both brown and gray and is your solution for summer lounging.

best acacia wood adirondack chair

The Cara might very well be the best acacia wood Adirondack chair we found. It’s comfortable, well-built, and easy on the wallet.

At less than half the price of other wood Adirondack chairs, and more durable, Acacia wood Adirondack chairs check off all of the boxes.

Reviewers love the chair’s fit and finish and say that after buying one, they have decided to finish their patio with other acacia wood furniture.

When it comes to wooden patio furniture, you can’t beat Acacia.

Real HomeGenerosity Reader Review

“I’m not very good at doing these reviews, but I really like this acacia wood chair. It wasn’t as expensive as I thought and is very solid. All I need now is a lake in my backyard to sit at.”

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Amenda Outdoor Acacia Wood Adirondack Chairs With Cushions

acacia wood adirondack chairs

Lounge poolside in style with the Amenda Adirondack Chairs. These foldable Adirondack chairs are a big reason why we love acacia wood furniture so much. They look super high-quality while costing only a fraction of what a set of designer Adirondack chairs would cost.

The Amenda Adirondack Chairs are sold with cushions and are offered in three wood colors and four cushion colors.

We especially love that the chair cushions cover the entire chair.

You can buy these chairs in a set of two or four.

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Who doesn’t have a use for bookcases in the home? No matter your style or level of functionality, you are sure to find our choices below suitable for any home and type of décor.

Coast to Coast Acacia Wood Bookcase

acacia wood bookcase image

Been on the lookout for a ladder shelf? The Coast to Coast Acacia Wood Bookcase is great for a quick and easy coastal-style accent.

Our suggestion? Place one bookcase on each side of your TV stand for a really neat effect that pulls the entire room together.

This bookcase isn’t something flimsy from a big box store. Made of solid acacia wood construction, it weighs in at nearly 200 pounds!

The bookcase measures in at 18L x 36W x 74H.

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Sectional Sofa Sets

Sectional sofas are a great idea for the home when you are looking for something to lounge on. They are large enough for the whole family to enjoy as well. Sectional sofa sets can also be customized in ways that you sofas cannot. So, they are much more versatile. However, they do take up more space than a traditional sofa and can overwhelm a room if there is too much furniture.

For this reason, you should find an acacia wood sectional to become the focal point of the room. They are also the perfect addition to any outdoor patio and entertaining space as well.

Emmory Indoor Minimalist V-Shaped Acacia Wood Sectional

acacia wood furniture

Coastal decor lovers rejoice. This acacia wood sectional is perfect for your home. The gray finished acacia wood and cushion color complement each other perfectly.

We particularly love the attached end table, which makes this a quite unique sectional.

Also, while primarily intended for indoor use, this sectional is acacia wood furniture and can withstand outdoor use as well. If you have an indoor/outdoor space, the Emmory Indoor Minimalist Acacia Wood Sectional will work perfectly.

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Cytheria Outdoor Acacia Wood Sectional Sofa Set With Fire Pit

cytheria outdoor acacia sofa set image

This is it. The ultimate backyard couch. Available in three color sets, this fantastic piece of acacia wood furniture can comfortably seat 10 of your favorite guests.

What’s more?

The Cytheria Acacia Wood Sofa Set includes a matching fire pit!

With this patio sofa set, all that’s left is for you to call over your friends.

The set includes:

  •   Two (2) Armchairs
  •   Two (2) Corner Pieces
  •   Six (6) Armless Pieces
  •   One (1) Fire Pit and Tank Holder
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Best Choice Products 6-Piece Acacia Wood L-Shape Sectional Sofa Set

piece acacia wood l shape sectional sofa image

Boost your patio with this charming mid-century modern acacia wood sectional set. This sectional comes in 6 individual pieces so that you can customize your couch’s look.

Reviews have consistently boasted of the quality and durability of this couch’s acacia wood.

The acacia wood table is included and provides a great space for a couple of margarita pitchers and glasses.

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End Tables

End tables provide more functionality and offer a more convenient space to place a drink, coasters, the remote, or a lamp within arm’s reach of your sofa. You can usually find them in pairs, or you can purchase two acacia wood end tables together as a set to add to the overall functionality of your living space.

Birdrock Home Acacia Wood End Table and TV Tray

birdrock home acacia wood end table image

Not sure if you want an end table or would prefer a movable TV side table? Look no further. This acacia wood end/side table by Birdrock is the perfect solution.

The metal “C” frame allows you to easily slide the base of this acacia wood table beneath the couch; allowing you to adjust how close you want the table.

The table stands 26″ tall – a perfect height for your couch.

Unlike most TV tray tables, this table has style by way of the warm and comforting slab of acacia wood. Each piece of acacia wood is unique and has its own look.

We love this acacia wood table. It’s high-quality, super versatile, and durable because of the acacia wood top and metal frame.

HomeGenerosity Editor Review

“I can’t fit a proper coffee table between my couch and TV, and it was driving me crazy, not having something to put my drinks on. I bought the Birdrock end table because it looked to be made of high-quality acacia wood and didn’t take up much space as the bottom slides underneath the couch. I couldn’t be happier with it. I have a place to put down a drink or eat lunch in front of the TV, and it looks like a piece of my living room – not just a means to an end.”

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Design 59 Mid-Century Modern Acacia Wood End Table

acacia wood furniture end table

Place your record player on top and place your records on the open shelf of this Design 59 End Table.

With a unique retro-style, this end table will make a perfect addition to your living room or entertainment room.

The acacia wood used to make this end table is some of the best quality we have seen in any piece of acacia wood furniture. The finish is beautiful and unique in each piece. We particularly like the added flair of the tapered legs on this end table.

Measuring in at 22″ x 18″, this end table is worth a place in your home.

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More About Acacia

Acacia wood is a type of wood derived from the Australian-native Acacia trees and shrubs. These shrubs are now also found in Asia, the Pacific Islands, and other parts of the Americas. The hardwood from these trees is incredibly durable and is being used to create long-lasting furniture pieces for the home.

The Acacia tree is also known as mimosa, thorntree, and wattle, and there are currently over 1,350 species of Acacia around the world. The species we use to create beautiful furniture is Babul and is native to Africa, India, and the Middle East. We use this species for furniture because of its many properties, including hardness, density, and availability.

Characteristics of Acacia Wood

This wood has a naturally fine texture to it and is often considered to have a smooth finish. It is scratch-resistant and can be more durable for this reason when compared to other hardwood varieties. The grain of this wood can be straight or wavy, and the color can vary. Some may have a lighter amber color, while others are much darker and bordering on mahogany.

Density and Hardness

The Janka Hardness rating for this wood is 2300 pounds of force. This makes it harder than European White Oak, Hickory, and carbonized Bamboo. This rate of density is measured to be approximately 62 pounds per cubic foot.

Is it Affordable?

Since this wood is plentiful in other countries, we can harvest it at a much lower cost. So, yes. Acacia wood is definitely affordable.

Is It Easy to Work With?

Acacia wood is easy to work with before drying. After it has dried, it becomes very hard and durable, which makes it a great option for furniture pieces around the home.

How To Select The Best Acacia Wood Furniture

With the rising concern over lumber sustainability and consumer price, alternative woods such as teak and acacia wood have become more commonplace in the market.

Acacia Wood vs. Teak

Acacia wood and teak occupy much of the same space in the furniture market. Both are imported hardwoods that are used primarily for flooring, fixtures, and furniture. Acacia wood within the United States is mainly imported from Australia, while teak is imported from South and Central America.

How Teak and Acacia Are Similar

Acacia wood and teak are both dense woods. Acacia wood is over 50% harder than European White Oak and nearly 100% harder than carbonized Bamboo. As a result, both kinds of wood are extremely durable and dent-resistant.

Both varieties of wood also are insect and bacteria resistant. As a result, they make perfect outdoor patio options.

How Teak and Acacia Are Different

Acacia and teak wood differ in that acacia wood requires a topcoat. As teak tends to present better naturally, it commands a higher price point.

However, acacia wood can be polished to a higher sheen and is more affordable.

If you don’t want to drop the money for real teak furniture, acacia wood furniture makes for a more affordable substitute.

How Durable Is Acacia Furniture?

Some experts claim that untreated acacia wood can last up to 40 years!

That’s not to say that it doesn’t require oil or wax to look its best, but still, that’s a long time; a lot longer than any big box plastic patio set will last you – for a better price.

Also, acacia wood is dent resistant due to its hardness. A super handy feature if you have a clumsy family.

How Much Does Acacia Wood Cost?

Acacia costs more than some native species but less than other exotic hardwoods. It has increasingly been used in tableware and furniture due to its mix of affordability, durability, and beauty.


Need another reason to buy acacia wood furniture? Its high growth rate and responsible harvesting practices make it one of the most sustainable woods available for furniture making.

How To Care For Acacia Wood

While acacia wood furniture is extremely durable, every type of wood requires certain care.

Acacia wood looks great either painted or simply stained. Either way, you should wax or oil your acacia wood furniture once a year to prevent it from drying out. While teak and other woods have plenty of natural oils, acacia wood relies on you to provide the moisture.

Wax and Oil

It’s easy to keep your acacia wood looking great for years by applying furniture wax or oil.

First, rinse your furniture with a garden hose and clean it with soapy water.

Second, apply your choice of furniture wax or oil.

Teak oil will work wonders on your acacia wood furniture as teak wood is extremely similar to acacia wood in composition.

Then if using teak oil, wait 24 hours and apply a teak sealant, rubbing in the direction of the grain.

For furniture wax for acacia wood, we recommend Howard SunShield Wax with UV Protection.

It comes in gel form and is super easy to use.

After washing your acacia wood furniture, simply apply some wax to a rag and wipe on.

Wipe Frequently

Use a damp, soft cloth to intermittently wipe your acacia wood furniture.

Some experts recommend wiping daily to remove dust; however, if you don’t have the time, weekly wipe-downs won’t do any harm.

No No’s

Avoid placing your furniture too close to the fireplace or in direct sunlight. The high heat from the fireplace may warp the wood, and direct sunlight will lead to discoloration.

Also, as with most furniture, be careful with alcoholic drinks around the wood. Spilled alcohol can quickly absorb moisture from the wood and lead to cracking or warping.

Acacia Wood Makes for Great Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

Acacia wood provides a great mix of value, quality, and looks. As far as outdoor furniture goes, it’s hard to find a better option. For the price of plastic patio furniture, you can just as easily fill your backyard with the beauty of real exotic hardwood.

Don’t settle for another “meh” plastic patio set. Set your backyard apart with real acacia wood furniture.

We love acacia wood furniture for our home and thousands of others that have discovered it agrees.

If you have any questions about acacia wood or want to write a review for one of the pieces we have highlighted, feel free to e-mail us at

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